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Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Weekend at the Space Center and Imaginarium

85 lb Mark successful swindles $2.00 from
Space Center Director Mr. Williamson.

I bet the money feeling very confident Volunteer Mark S. from Pleasant Grove wouldn't be able to move the massively heavy Galileo simulator 6 inches on his own.

"A Fool and his money are soon parted," Mark said. He spit into his hands, moved to the nose of the ship and pushed. A blood curdling scream released from his lungs. The Galileo didn't budge. Mark stopped pushing and ran to the toilet fearing he'd dislodged an intestine or something.

I was accepting congratulations from several onlookers on making the correct call that an 85 pound boy couldn't move the Galileo on his own when Mark came back looking more determined than ever.

"Stand back!" he shouted. He braced himself up against the front of the ship and pushed! The laughter disappeared when the ship shuddered. The Galileo moved! Mark stopped, examined the situation and smiled.

"I know her secret," he said. Once again Mark took a position against the ship's nose. He pushed then released, then pushed and released. He was rocking the ship like one does to get his car out of a snow drift.

Mark was victorious and I am out $2.00. I'll just have to give up a couple Big Chills but it was well worth it. Mark is the Man.

Nicole and Josh on their Maiden Voyages

Today we celebrated the elevation of Nichole VandenBos and Josh Anderson to the positions of Professor. Professon VandeBos will assume the post of Professor of the Magellanic Order. Professor Anderson will assume the post of Professor of the Most High Odysseus Rights. Both are graduates of Toadwarts School of Space and Elementary Wizardry.

Professor VandeBos was recently pardoned by the Ministry of Magic for her participation in He Who Shall Not Be Mentioned's attempted coup d'├ętat against the Ministry. Her claim that the strike she lead against the Norwegian Trolls on the night of November 12th was done under the influence of a bewitching curse cast by the aforementioned miscreant. The jury agreed and issued the pardon, largely on the testimony of her sister, Professor Brittney VandeBos - well known defender of Muggles and Speaker on Muggle Causes in the Ministry.

Professor Anderson's mostly unremarkable career since his graduation from Toadwarts will work in his favor, according to Mr. Williamson who spoke at their investiture ceremony.

"Professor Anderson will be working under Director Christine Grosland's omnipotent eye and authoritative presence. It comes as no surprise that her distended personality eclipses the life force of all who find themselves working in her department. Someone of Professor Anderson's demeanour will find a home in that omnipresent shadow."

Director Zac reaches out to shake Nichole's hand after crowning her Professor of the Magellanic Order

The ceremony was completed when Nichole accepted his appointment and their hands met. Contrary to widespread rumors spread by the OWL netword, sparks did not fly.

Nicole proudly shows her new Flight Director's Shirt. Nicole is the Magellan's newest ordained Flight Director. Welcome to the Navy Blues Nicole!!

The Magellan's final score of this weekend's Overnight Camp. A 1.11 is awesome. Good job to Nicole and her staff.

A special congratulations to Josh Anderson. Josh's campers gave him a perfect 1 in all areas. Josh took the Flight Director's Award

In celebration of Nicole and Josh's first solo Overnight Camps, I shot some random video of them at work towards the end of their missions this morning. This is your peek behind the wall into what it takes to make the magic. You'll notice it is similar to the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz except we have a wall separating us from our guests.

9 Month Old Attends Space Center Camp!

Not only did nine month old Mauree successfully complete a Space Center Camp, she is also a successful 5th grade student at Barratt Elementary School in American Fork. Look at her birthday as listed on her Rank Paper above if you don't believe me. Nabil filled this in for her at sign in last night. Mind you, it was tricky keeping the staff and other campers from stepping on her as she crawled around the ship trying to get her work done. Oh, there were also some problems with spitting up.

Have a Great Weekend!
Mr. Williamson
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