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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tonight at the Space Education Center.

Hello Troops,
The Space Center is firing on all cylinders tonight. Highland Elementary has 43 of their best and brightest 6th and 5th graders here at camp. Our mission's tonight are:

Voyager: Greenpeace (as told by Jon)
Magellan: Summit (as told by Zac)
Odyssey: The Sum of All Fears (as told by Devin)
Galileo: Crisis (as told by Stacy)
Phoenix: Intolerance (as told by Megan)

Pleasant Grove just experienced a drop in atmospheric pressure. A moment ago a gust of wind rushed over the school. The atmosphere suddenly rushed from an region of high pressure to a region of low pressure. I believe the unexpected appearance of a low pressure system was caused by the sudden intake of air into the lungs of hundreds, if not thousands of Space Center veterans all over the country reacting in shock after reading that Greenpeace is still on the Space Center's flight menu.

"I did Greenpeace when I was a camper a hundred years ago," someone just muttered. How do I know? I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand. Remember, you became a part of the Space Center Collective when you attended your first Space Center camp. We are all tied together in one Galactic Universal Consciousness.

Freaky, isn't it?

This Collectiveness manifests itself from time to time as sudden bursts of memories created from the hours of time you spent at the Space Center. These memory bursts can strike anywhere, like in the middle of a movie, or at church, or while you're doing your taxes or collecting free food samples at your local Costco.

Are you ready for another shocker? Hold on, before I write anything else I need to go outside and take down the American Flag from the flagpole in front of the school. I don't want the flag damaged by the next gust of wind caused by the rapid intake of air from our veterans. Stand by.....

OK, flag down. Here's the news.
I'm bringing "The Hunt for Horace" back for this summer season!
WOW. That sounded like a freight train moving over the roof of the school.

A Report from the Chronicle detailing an original telling of The Hunt for Horace in the
Space Center's Middle Ages.

"The Hunt for Horace" was told a long time ago. It was a favorite of thousands of campers in the late Middle Ages of Space Center history. In fact, many experts in Space Center Lore believe that "The Hunt For Horace" was the pivotal piece of literature that transformed the Space Center from the simple tales told during our Middle Ages to the renaissance of thought and creativity we all recognize at the Space Center today.

Clint Sanderson was the first person to play Horace when he was in the 5th grade at Central. Today, Clint is a married father of three living in Pleasant Grove. His eldest attends school here at Central. Amazing isn't it?

The transition from the Space Center's Middle Ages of story telling to our Renaissance.
Today's Hunt for Horace

"The Hunt for Horace" tells the story of Horace, the Paklid Crown Prince, and his epic adventure on board the USS Voyager as he travelles with his trusted body guard Dweeb from Earth to Paklidia, the Paklid home world. Accompanying the Voyager is the Paklid Royal Tug captained by the brave and somewhat forgetful Admiral Maximilian Alexander Rump.

Be sure to register for a summer camp before all available slots are taken.

It's after midnight and time for bed. The boys are down, the staff semiconscious and I'm drifting between worlds - typing and listening to my bedtime playlist on iTunes.


Mr. Williamson
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