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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Beautiful New Sign for the Voyager

Hello Troops,
It was just after a quarter past eight Saturday evening when my home phone rang. I glanced to see who was calling. The screen said "School's Public". I reasoned it was Jon Parker and Kyle Jones calling to tell me the new Voyager's backlit sign was successfully installed and working as designed.

"Hello," I answered.
"Vic, we need you to come down and help," Jon said. What Jon didn't know is that I was nearly horizontal in my favorite recliner watching my beautiful 65 inch DLP television (watching is a wishful term for what I was actually doing. Passing between the conscious and subconscious states was more like it. It's what I do on a Saturday night. I know, you might as well open a grave and drop me in, but remember I usually get about four hours of sleep on a Friday night at the Space Center so I have a pass on spending my Saturday nights inebriated with a frothy draft of drowsiness).

"I'll be right down," I replied. I knew they wouldn't be able to install my new sign without my expertise. I made it to the Battlestar without shoes. I was too lazy to put on a pair. I only live three minutes from the Space Center by car so why bother.

When I arrived I saw Jon and Kyle wrestling with my new sign.

"Stand back boys and let a professional at it!" I pushed my chest out, flexed what muscles I had control of on a Saturday night, cracked my knuckles and walked over to the metal stairs leading up to the Voyager's Decontamination Hallway.
"What do you need me to do?"

"Hold the frame up while we screw it into the studs," Kyle said.

Well, at least it wasn't anything too taxing. I held the sign overhead while Jon and Kyle worked magic with the electric screwdriver. Five minutes later my job was done.

Now, skip ahead to this morning.

I got to the Center at 8:00 A.M., walked to the Voyager and switched on the lights.
I went through the turning door and stepped into Decontamination.

I walked to the end of the hallway and turned to see the new sign in all its glory. I was not disappointed. There it was - a masterpiece to my creativity and willingness to approve the expenditure, Emily's graphic design and Kyle and Jon's construction.

The new sign as seen from the bottom of the stairs looking up to Decon.

The Voyager is a fine lady with a new frock for all to enjoy.

Thanks Kyle and Jon for the extra hours on Saturday to get the job done.

Mr. Williamson
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