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Friday, June 22, 2012

EdVenture Camp 3. First Report

Hello Troops,

The boys and girls are settling down in their sleeping quarters.  The 19 girls are with their chaperons in the new addition of the school.  They are using two rooms.  Nineteen girls is the most we've had on a single camp this summer.  Mrs. Houston and Metta Smith will earn their chaperoning money tonight, considering our last camp had seven girls total!  The 26 boys are in the Voyager.  I'm on the floor in front of my desk.

This first night of camp has gone well.  We've got a great group of kids.  Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days Fireworks show at the rodeo grounds was the highlight of the evening for me.  I heard several loud bangs and booms in the hallway on my way to set out the bed time snack.  I thought Ben was getting carried away with his Galileo sound effects.  I turned down the cafeteria hallway to tell Ben to turn down the sound effects when I realized the booming was coming from outside the school.

"Strawberry Days," I remembered.

It was an impressive fireworks show for a small town like Pleasant Grove.  I'm hoping they don't plan on increasing my property tax to pay for the extravaganza.  Between the booming and banging I could hear the screams and shouts coming from the city park.  The Strawberry Days Carnival was in full operation.

There isn't a peep coming from the boy's sleeping areas.  The boys are cooperating by not trying to stay up all night.

I told them, "If you sleep, we sleep.  If you stay awake and make noises, then we stay awake and plot revenge once we get you in the ships tomorrow."  Nine times out of ten it works.  The boys go to sleep, letting us sleep.  That makes us all Happy Campers!

Good Night.

Mr.  W. 

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