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Friday, June 1, 2012

The End of the School Year and the Start of the Summer Season.

Hello Troops,

Tonight we put the last of our school year campers to bed.  The School Year Camp Season started on October 7, 2011 with Lindon Elementary School.  The School Year Camp Season ends tonight with Orem Elementary School's 6th Grade.  The summer season starts tomorrow with the first of our summer private missions at 11:00 A.M.  The first overnight camp for the season will be June 5th.  Our last summer season camp will be the overnight camp of September 28.

It has been a good school year season.  We've weathered the recession and survived everything Fortuna threw our way (and I write that with humility, not wanting to upset the Olympians and tempt Fate).  Our success was earned on the backs of our fantastic staff and volunteers, all good people who make my job easier and give me the occasional shoulder to lean on.  Thank you.

We start this new season not knowing what lies ahead.  Will the seas be calm and the winds reliable?  Will our campers be considerate and follow the rules?  Will the volunteers be willing and able to help us staff our  missions?  Will our sanity have the mental reserves to remain firm even in the strongest tempest? The answers are out there in that labyrinth called 'the future'.  There is one thing you can count on.  No matter what cometh our way, be it friend or foe, light or dark, or good or bad, this blog will report it all, truthfully (except when I believe a bit of imagination added to the telling will enhance the point I'm trying to make).

The bell rang today at 10:30 A.M. dismissing our students for the summer.  Just before the bell rang the sound of Central's third grade students counting down the seconds to freedom echoed up and down the Space Center's hallway; 3,  2,  1,  The Bell rang followed by a hugh cheer. Five hundred students came pouring out of their classrooms like prisoners just paroled.  It was like the running of the bulls.  It is a sight to behold!

It's strange, this being a Thursday night and I'm here at my computer at 12:06 A.M.  My mind is trying to convince me its Friday.  All day tomorrow I'll think its Saturday.  We will all be a bit befuddled until we get our summer legs beneath us.

The one major project accomplished today was the changing of the Galileo's air conditioners.  Thank you to Kyle Herring (The Great Fish) for his help along with our maintenance director, Kyle Jones.  Their is one remaining issue to be resolved.  The Magellan's sound system is being fussy. Maggie's subwoofer has forgotten its contribution to the overall quality of the Magellan's sound.  Zac and Megan used every incantation to correct the problem, but to no avail.  Once again we will rely on the generosity of the Great Fish to get us out of this pickle.

Now it's time to go to bed.  The camper are down.  The staff are quiet and sleep is all that remains on my "to do" list.

Mr W.
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