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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Latest Camp Survey Results

Results:  EdVenture Camp 2.  June 13-15, 2012

These are the results from the second EdVenture Camp's camper surveys of the 2012 Season. Congratulations to the Galileo for summiting our Mt. Everest and scoring the perfect and elusive 1.0! 

Galileo:  1.00  (Stacy Carroll Set Director. Flight Directors Stacy, Erin, Ben)
Voyager:  1.07
Magellan:  1.09
Odyssey:  1.15
Phoenix: 1.24
Class:  1.45
Come Back:  1.14
Satisfaction Index:  9.45

Summer Comparisons:
Lagoon:  1.23
Movies:  1.12
Mall:  1.09
Waterparks:  1.20

Lord of the Votes:  Bracken
SubLord of the Votes:  Bradyn

Results:  Overnight Camp 4  June 19-20. 

Odyssey:  1.08 (Devin Flight Director)
Galileo:  1.13
Phoenix:  1.13
Magellan:  1.15
Voyager:  1.16
Satisfaction Index:  9.20

Lord of the Votes:  Bradyn L.
SubLord of the Votes:  Ben M.

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