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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Typing Without My Glasses

Hello Troops,

Tonight our Space Center world resembles its familiar self.  The girls are in the gym, the boys are in the Voyager and I'm back at my desk.  It is nice not to be chaperoning in the gym. I'm OK to chaperon in the gym when I'm needed , but I get more sleep in front of my desk, and at this stage of the summer camp season, any extra REM sleep is a very good thing.

The title of this post gives away tonight's problem.  In my haste to get here on time, and not being careful and diligent in the preparation of my overnight kit, I've forgotten to pack a pair of glasses.  My neglectfulness was discovered right after removing my contact lenses for the night.  I could put my contacts back on, but I decided not to.  I can still see well enough if I squint and squinting will get me through the night - just like it is getting me through this post.


Close your eyes and picture me at my desk.  It is 11:57 P.M.  I'm leaning forward and squinting to see what I'm typing.  One unwelcome sneeze and my entire screen will look like a frosted window on a cold winter's morn.  

I'm always forgetting something.  Last camp i remembered my shampoo and towel but forgot a comb or brush.  Ever try to comb your hair with your fingers after a good shampoo?  It's like trying to play the violin with gloved hands.  

 Fortuna has blessed us with an unusually long string of luck.  Here is one example.  There was a 20 minute power outage this morning at 8:10 A.M. We weren't affected because our first missions were scheduled to arrive at 10:00 A.M. Had this power outage occurred Wednesday, we would have been in deep dodo.  Wednesday will be a camp day.  We hope that Luck will remain a constant travelling companion and chaos and bad fortune find there way to some other organization's camps.

Its time for bed.  I'm finding myself battling fatigue and nearsightedness with a strong astigmatism.  

Mr. W.  

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