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Friday, June 15, 2012


Hello Troops,
I labeled this post "Excuses".  The reasoning is simple.  I'm about to throw a few excuses at you explaining why I've neglected to post regularly to The Troubadour.  I begin with....

Exhaustion.  I'm in the throws of the Space Center's first Ultimate Camp.  It started Wednesday night and ends tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M.  I'm chaperoning in the gym because of the sheer number of boys we have on the camp. 

Tonight we have 38 boys and 7 girls at camp.  That's more boys than the Voyager's sleeping quarters can accommodate.  I take fifteen of the younger boys (they find the wobbly cots more comfortable than the larger 12 to 14 year olds) and sleep them in the gym on cots.  That means double chaperons,  two for the Voyager and two for the gym - that means that I have to muck in and do my share of chaperoning like all the other adults. 

I will give credit to the boys on this camp.  They've been really good, except for the one who woke me up in the early hours of this morning sleep walking.  I found him standing nearly nose to nose with the gym's brick wall carrying on a conversation made of muffled syllables interspersed with a few chuckles, as if laughing to something the wall had said.  He jumped back to bed the moment I got up.

I'm moving along to....

Work Load.  Central School's Principal in on a European Vacation until June 20th.  This gives me double duty.  I am overseeing the Space Center's summer camps and private missions, while at the same time working with the school's summer school program and the Summer Food Program.  The Summer Food Program provides free breakfast and lunch to anyone under the age of 18 in our school's cafeteria.  We are feeding a couple hundred people a day!  It's been a tight balancing act keeping the school's programs and the Space Center's camps from colliding.  My great staff have been instrumental in working to ensure our success.  Mrs. Clegg is a Saint (irregardless of what you may have heard to the contrary).  She is our One Lady Band in the cafeteria working morning, noon and night to provide our campers with the best meals possible while not stepping on the toes of the three lunch ladies who prepare the free meals for the general public.


Too Much to Write About.  Have you ever had so much you could write about that your brain froze up due to an overheated processor and shut down?  That is where I am right now.  Too much to write, too much to say, too many stories to tell and too many long walks through the Imaginarium.  Every time I think to write, so much comes to mind that I experience a complete white out.  Thank goodness someone usually has something to say or some minor emergency pops up that requires my attention.

Sadly, I have a bit of time right now, but need to get back to the school.  The school's internet is down so I had to come home to finish the Space Center's emails and scheduling.  The overnight camp is going on without me and most likely needs some attention. 

Mr. Williamson

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