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Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Insane Mars Landing Tomorrow Night. Fingers Crossed

Hello Troops,
Tomorrow night around 11:31 P.M. our time, NASA's Curiosity Rover will touch down on Mars...... or will it?  Landing on Mars is a very tricky thing.  We've lost missions to Mars in the past, and don't even bring the subject up to the Russians if you want to walk away with your beautifully aligned nose.

It will be a nail biting descent.  It will be 7 minutes of terror.  It will go down in history as one of American's greatest engineering achievements if it works.

Why the drama in the paragraphs above?  Am I exaggerating?  See for yourself.  Watch the following two videos.  The first is a rough overview.  The second gives more depth from the people who will be biting their nails and wringing their hands in terror at JPL in California.  Stay up to watch the landing on the NASA channel with your bowl of popcorn and favorite soda.  I'll be watching, listening and biting a nail or two of my own as the information streams to Earth on a 14 or so minute delay because of the 352 million mile distance between Mars and Earth.   

It doesn't get any more exciting than this folks when it comes to the exploration of space.  Satisfy that little bit of nerd inside you and see what fate and some serious math and engineering brings us - the joy of victory or the agony of defeat. 

Mr. Williamson      

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