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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Imaginarium for the Dark Days

The Center is closed until August 15th. Our minds needs rest.
Our imaginations need to be recharged.

Hello Troops,
The Space Center is closed until August 15th.  The staff need some time away from the front lines, I need some time to recharge and catch up on sleep from countless nights spent sleeping in the gym or in front of my desk, and the simulators themselves need a healthy dose of TLC to prepare them for the Fall, Winter and Spring Offensive expected to start in the middle of September.

I'll tell you what we're going to do.  How about we hop aboard the Wonderland Express and spend some time in the Imaginarium?  What better way to spend a nice, quiet weekend.

"The Troubadour is taking us back to the Imaginarium!" 

I post this only to comment on the nature of Christianity in America.  I saw this and was immediately reminded of my last family reunion.  I come from a mixed religious family, having grown up in predominately Lutheran South Dakota.  Our extended family consists of  Mormons, Lutherans, Atheists, Agnostics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Catholics, etc.   During lunch,  I like to sit at the Religious Discussions Allowed picnic table.   My cousins and I understand the table's strict rules of fairness and respect.  I like listening to the various expressions of faith and beliefs while enjoying the tangy mustard potato salad, molasses baked beans and greasy fried chicken.  The diversity is like a breath of fresh air.     

Perfect for a high school wall.

Where's your sense of humor?

Tears for fallen comrades.

Last week I drove to Salt Lake City to see the new City Creek Mall.  I was expecting to be overwhelmed by color, design and creativity.  Instead I was surprised by what I considered uninspiring architecture. It was a palace of right angles and squares with an impressive retractable roof.  The colors were various shades of desert brown and white.   All and all it was sterile, clean and tidy.   The whole time I kept thinking something was missing.  Perhaps a bit of FUN  and WHIMSY in design and purpose (as shown above).  Perhaps a bit of Disney Main Street USA.

A land fun to play in but with eyes everywhere, would you want to live there?

Not the kind of window display designed to draw your normal customer into the shop.
Creativity gone macabre.

The primer on great, creative, imaginative minds

Don't tell me, yours too?

Great job on creativity.
The normal sign at the train station would say
"No Stopping Longer than 3 Minutes"

Drats, my secret is out.
 I highly recommend it when your life needs a new direction :)

Are people predestined or is life all chance?
Yes, a perfect discussion while enjoying the mustard potato salad, molasses baked beans
 and greasy fried chicken.

Perspective is the something we forget when we get into the
"Woe is me," doldrums of life.

Is there a better way to build a staircase?

OK Troops,
here you are sixty years into the future.
Getting old will take on a completely new meaning with you

A real sculpture in New Zealand.  
Awesome. (the tree also).

Great creative use of space.
Mind you, the owner would have to be in great shape to get UP to the bed.

The perfect way to learn geography.
Every school's toilets should have things just like this on the wall.

Of course you get the stick with the corn dog.
Got you to look and think, didn't it?

The Borg Wedding Cake.
A reception I wouldn't want to miss.

A friendly creative reminder on the soda machine.
Get it!

And finally, two photos depicting the remedy for a sizzling summer day......
An Ice Cold Diet Coke and Over the Top Ice Cream Cone.
Care to join me?

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