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Friday, August 31, 2012

Rumors, Rumors and a Diet Dew.

 Hello Troops,

Yesterday was Back to School Night at Central Elementary School.  This is the night when parents get to meet and talk to their children's teachers.  Parents get a good look at us and we get to meet them.  Parent / teacher partnerships make the foundation of a good school, and Central is a very good school!

I've spent nearly thirty years at Central.  I student taught here in 1983 and did a good enough job to land the one 6th grade opening they had for the 1983/84 school year.  I had 35 students in a classroom with no carpeting, no phone and no air conditioning.  Reel to reel film projectors were high tech.  Things have changed a lot since then.  You younger readers don't know how good you have it today.

On my way to Back to School Night, I stopped at the PTA display in the school's foyer to say hello to the ladies running the information and enrollment table. 

"Victor, when are you going to reopen the Space Center?" Lisa Young asked.  Lisa is the heart and mind of Pleasant Grove.  She runs the city's youth court and is the number one supporter of all her children's schools.  Lisa was at the membership table using her powers of persuasion to nicely convince everyone coming to the meeting to join the PTA.  A large jar of salt water taffy drew the children straight to the table.  The parents followed.  "How about joining the PTA?" she'd ask as junior shoved his little hand into the jar. 

"Lots of work to do in there,"  I replied.  "We want to make sure everything is perfect before we reopen.  Everyone wants the job done as quickly as possible."

"My sister is getting several calls and emails from teachers in the Jordan District asking if they are going to get their Space Center field trip."  Lisa's sister was an award winning teacher at Bluffdale Elementary and Space Center enthusiast who never missed bringing her classes on field trips.  She is now at the Jordan District Office.

"They need to email me and I'll keep them updated."

"They all heard a RUMOR that you were retired and the Space Center was closed for good.  I'm talking panic here."

"Well, I'm not retired, I'm right here and the Space Center is closed temporarily.  All is good.  Tell her to tell our Jordan District teachers to get in touch with me and I'll keep them updated."

Lisa's attention shifted to a group of potential PTA members standing beside the salt water taffy jar.  I continued down the hall toward the gym wondering where the rumor that I had retired came from. The rumor was false.  I've not retired.  I'm still here, somewhat alert and going strong. 

Rumors can spread like fire, especially in our hungry social media world. Its like opening a feather pillow and tossing its contents into the wind.  You'll never get rumors back once they're released, so don't rely on rumors for accurate information.  Always go to the source. It is foolish to believe everything you hear around the water cooler.

The source for accurate Space Center information can always be found on this blog and our web site. 

What is the Latest News?

Alpine School District's Maintenance Department is spearheading this project.  They are doing a good job moving things along as fast as possible.  This project could be expensive, so great care must be given when spending Space Center funds.

The Alpine District is dedicated to providing the best learning experiences to the children in our communities. That is why the District supports the Space Center, and has done so for nearly 22 years. In my opinion, our District is the best in the state. What other District would embrace such a strange, out there, and I mean way out there, educational experience like the Space Center?

The Alpine District is a learning community where new, fresh ideas are always welcome.  The Space Center is fortunate to be a part of such an organization.

I'm going to finish my lunch, enjoy my afternoon Diet Dew and get back to work.

Have a Great Weekend Troops!

Mr. W. 


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