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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Gathering at the Master’s Tent

Hello Troubadours

A merry gathering of troubadours was held on Monday last in Master Williamson’s tent. The gathering was called to celebrate a birthday and to bid adieu to those troubadours soon to be leaving.  The Master’s modest tent sits near the large stage closest to the pleasant grove of trees.  This patch of field is our home when not living as nomads, traveling to village and hamlet doing what grand story tellers and entertainers have done since the first man said, “You’ll never guess what happened to me today.” From that time forth, story telling has been the foundation of communication. 

Many of our wise and just troubadours attended the event dressed in their finest silks and linens to serenade Lady Aleta on the occasion of her birthday. Lady Aleta thanked all present, then kindly asked for silence as she respectively boosted of her new book, reminding us of her skill with parchment and quill.

Master Bracken sails to the west. Lady Emily to the East
Let us hope and pray they find their destinations  

 Several of our troubadours will be leaving our fair land for destinations far and wide.  Master Bracken and his good lady will be leaving our company to make a home on the isles of paradise across the great western sea.  The Lady Emily will be leaving camp to sail across the great eastern sea to the lands of Mohammad. Lady Jackie was also present to receive fond farewells.  She will venture south to the city of cedars to further her education.  Absent was Master Zac who was well on his way up the long road to the north lands bordering the Salt Sea.  Master Zac will study in the great university. 

Our troupe gathered around the fire in the cool of the evening to talk and laugh. A gentle breeze bound our senses to the fragrance of pine. At mid evening the company disbanded to their tents. Master Williamson extinguished the fire and lowered the flap to his tent.   He sat at his desk to ponder the road ahead.  The future was clouded.  So much to do as we ready for winter's snow.
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