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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Weekend at the Imaginarium

Hello Troops,

I've started a new mission for the Voyager, Odyssey, Phoenix and Galileo.  I'll post more on the mission writing process soon.   I know many of you have mission ideas rattling around in your brains.  I also know many of you seek direction on how to transfer those great ideas into a usable mission at the Space Center.

Patience Padawan.  All will be made clear.....

So, what do we do while we wait for the reopening of the source of all imaginative genius?  We take a stroll through the Imaginarium to see what others are doing to make this world a better, more lovable place.   Got your walking shoes on.  Got your umbrella?

You're right - what rain?

 Follow me........

Why a boring yellow sticky note when a bit of creativity 
and imagination can give us these?

The New Math

Fortuna and her minions are on our doorstep
(as if the Space Center doesn't have enough problems as it is)

Goodbye to a great American hero.

From Tim Burton's back garden.

Again I ask, 
Gray or something more interesting? 
An Imaginarium favorite.

An electrical junction box here in Wonderland near the north entrance of the Imaginarium

Security chief:  "Captain, I'm here on the surface

Voyager Captain:  "What do you see?"

Security Chief:  "The ship's sensors are right.  This planet is Earth like.  I'm standing in a dense forest.  The lack of leaves tells me it must be either Fall or early Winter."

Voyager Captain:  "Are we ready to beam the science team down?"

Security chief:  "All clear for .........wait.  I hear something.  Stand by."  


Let nature do its job.

Not even rainbows can protect you from the Sith Lord

Kid Cinema.
Can you Name the Films?

The next item to read on my book shelve if the Space Center doesn't open soon!

And lo and behold, a great darkness spread across the land.  KAOS descended upon the world, inhaling human joy and inspiration as fuel.  Who will protect them now that their champions are gone?

A lesson in evolutionary payback

The Imaginarium Award for brilliant utilization of space on a subway.
If it saves the commuter time then it is good.

The process of creating a video game.

A lesson in government.
That was easy.

The two rules I live by.
Be smart.  Read and follow.

Poor parents, and what do they get in return?

At the Canadian border

The message is clear and concise.

The apparel of choice for everyone's second day of school

A modern Message in the Bottle.

Its off to the Jedi Temple with you.

In a Perfect World

 Creativity:  A 
Imagination: A
Choice of colors:  C

Have a Great Week Troops,

Mr. W.

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