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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Day Before.....

Hello Troops,

Let me begin by saying that there is no news on how long the Space Center will be closed for the electrical upgrade. I've spent the last two days notifying the people booked for parties and camps that we are closed and arranging refunds if warranted.  People are very upset (and they have every right to be so).  I hope they understand closing is something we had to do.  Our electrical issues must be solved now.  

Keep checking The Troubadour for more news and information. 

Today is the day before teachers report to their Institutions of Education and Advanced Testing.  We spend tomorrow in professional development, meaning we receive instruction on how to prepare the student (you) to pass your state exams.  Don't let us down.  Soon a portion of our pay will be determined by how many of YOU pass those exams.  The pressure is building.  

Is it right to direct all instruction toward the almighty test?  There are experts on both sides of the issue with convincing arguments, and don't look to me for the answer.  I'm as confused as you are.  Until its all figured out, the student (YOU) should always do your best and LEARN.  We teach and you learn.  That's the agreement - right?  

Students must be good questioners and listeners.  Keep your mind open to all sides in a discussion of opposing views.  Learn to identify real facts from the smoke and mirrors of fancy language and use those solid facts as the foundation for your own opinion.

Mr Williamson Climbs Up on His Soapbox.  Be Forgiving  

We are in the throws of an election cycle.  The Republicans and Democrats are blanketing the airwaves with verbiage they want you to file as absolute facts.  They make broad statements like, "The American people want....."  and spew out their memorized and coached pitches hoping what they present as facts will sail unopposed through your questioning and logic filter and land in that part of your brain reserved for absolute truths.  Remember, politicians are salesmen, selling their wares out of the back of rickety old wagons that have been around for centuries.   Every 'gem' they sell is wrapped in some form of truth.  Its what's under the wrapper that should be held in suspect.  Take this statement for example,  

"We are in the midst of a great recession...... !"  This statement is the outer wrapper.  It is the truth. So far so good.  We remove the truthful wrapper and see another.  

"This recession is the cause of homelessness and high unemployment.  Families are struggling to meet their financial obligations."  

We nod in agreement.  We like what we see.  We're convinced this remedy, pitched by a well dressed, well polished salesman out of the back of his rickety wagon on the side of the dusty road, is the real cure for our national upset stomach.  

You unwrap the second wrapping and see the beating heart.  "And what is the cure for this madness?  Friends, let me tell you the truth......"  

There it is.  What should you do?  Think and Question. 


Be caution with someone or something that tells you not to question or think for yourself.  Be wary of someone or something that reserves certain facts, truths and information - and tells you that those things are not necessary and not important.  Agreed, there are things in live that should be kept confidential and others that shouldn't but are.  Wonder, "What and why is the information hidden?"   

I suggest we use our God given brains for something more than a wind stopper between our ears.  We should THINK and QUESTION.  When it comes time for you to take a stand, you can do it intelligently and with purpose.  

A true education should teach you how to discern fact from fiction.  It should give you the tools to be a life long learner.  A true education should give you a knowledge base in language, rational thinking, philosophy, science, math, history and the humanities.   These basics act as filters in your search for meaning and truth.  These things must be taught in American's schools.  

Let's have a great school year.  Let's be thinkers, listeners and questioners.  
And now, Things from the Imaginarium


A stairway that belongs in the Imaginarium.

I put this here knowing you may need it some day.

Just because it's classical doesn't mean it can't be fun.

An excellent way to say goodbye and hello in the same poster.

Bolt was amazing.  Bolt is amazing.  
You couldn't have a better name for who he is.

A good shirt to wear to that party of extroverts.

I'll bet it's good in the German snow.
I'd look good in something like this.

A 10 for imagination.
Instead of normal boring airport chairs, you think outside the box and give people egg chairs.

This is how I feel on a Monday morning when I get to the Space Center.
I always leave with everything done on a Saturday afternoon.
I always find this waiting for me at 8:00 A.M. Monday.

What we may need if this drought doesn't subside.

I got the chills just reading it.

What is sold at an Inconvenient Store?
Regardless,  the name alone would draw me in.
A 10 for Imagination.

A gem to use when your teacher or coach ask you if you always give 100%.

All I ever see on Facebook some days.

Have a Great Day Troops and be positive.  This too shall pass.  The Space Center will be open soon.

Mr. Williamson

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