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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Report on Monday's Space Center Committee Meeting. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
Another meeting of the school district's Space Center Committee was held at Central School Monday afternoon.  The committee members were given a tour of the renovation.

  • The Space Center's old office has new walls and lighting.   The room is much bigger without the Odyssey.  It is looking very good.  
  • The Magellan's ceiling lights were replaced with canned, fluorescent lights which do not dim.  This will be a problem for our Magellan flight team.  The Magellan's red alert lights were taken out as well.  The simulator cannot go to red lights for red alert.  Another concern is the brightness of the new lights.  The room is very bright.  I'm concerned our students will not see the main tactical screen properly.  District Maintenance is working to find good solutions.
  • The Galileo is waiting on rivets before the walls can be put back up.
  • The Phoenix is having new electrical sockets installed in the control room. 

Several of the Space Center's All Star Staff will be returning to help run our field trips.   Lorraine will be teaching.  Zac Hirschi and Devin Sudwicks will be in the Magellan.  Megan Warner will be in the Phoenix.  Devin will be working A days.  Aleta Clegg will be working on B days.  We won't run the Galileo unless needed.  Lunch room noise makes it difficult to operate the Galileo during lunch times.

There are volunteer opportunities for anyone able to work between 10:00 A.M. and Noon; and between Noon and 1:45 P.M.

We have three options for running private missions and day camps after school, Saturdays and weekends.  The options will will be discussed at future Space Center Committee meetings. 

  • Not do them.
  • Run them under the school district's insurance coverage.
  • Run them under the management of a newly formed Space Center Foundation.  The Foundation would rent the Space Center after school hours from the District and provide its own insurance.

The Space Center Volunteering Club will resume if the school district decides on options 2 or 3.

Many more updates to follow in future posts to The Troubadour

A Few Minutes of Perfection

The Imaginarium
Your imagination is a muscle.  You must use it or lose it.  The Imaginarium celebrates human imagination and creativity.  Remember to always look for ways to use your creativity and imagination to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

How many of these have you heard in the last month?

A Hobbit doll house

 Serving ice cream with a flair!

 Mario Chess.

Making it better.

A creative, somewhat lazy way of taking down the Christmas Tree.

All graduates should war one.

A window decal for the serious Potter fan.

A better name for this product.

Pride puts you in this position.
Now, which hand are you going to open?

Thinking outside the box.
It reminds me of the old saying; "There is more than one way to skin a cat".

Imagination: A

 I'd buy the set.
Creativity: A

I would change it to read
"Please do not tap on the glass.  It will curdle the ice cream".

Superman socks complete with cape.

Round 2 of Food Flags

 And Finally, the Good News that Didn't Happen in 2012



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