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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Historical Space Center Pictures. The Imaginarium


I'm not particularly photogenic.  That being said, I like this photograph.
It is me at my station in the Voyager's Control Room.   I spent 22 years of my life in that chair
educating and entertaining over 300,000 people 

Hello Troops,
I've got several pictures of the old staff taken over a decade ago taken by Mrs. Houston that I need to get posted so I can return them to her.  I've probably posted some of them - I can't remember.  I'll post them all in the interest of making sure they get posted.   Forgive the repeats and enjoy the new ones.

Mr. W

Mrs. Clegg setting up the classroom field trip lesson.
Discovery Room.

Me on the Voyager Bridge getting the field trip mission ready to launch.

Metta Smith and Kirby Glad receiving awards for service to the Space Center.

Kirby Glad receiving the Silver Chalice of Zod Award for 
his contributions to the Space Center.

Randy Jepperson, a member of the Space Center's old time staff waking up on 
the Saturday Morning of an overnight camp.

A picture from the lat 1990's of Randy Jepperson in our new Romulan Ambassador uniform.

Two new alien costumes from Mrs. Houston
Late 1990's

Me teaching my pre-algebra class in the Space Center's Briefing Room.
The pre-algebra class met every morning before the field trips arrived.

 Mr. Daymont and the brave crew of the Falcon during one of our 
joint Astrocamp summer camps in 2002.

Back again to the late 1990's.
This is the goodbye party for Admiral Dave Wall.  Dave and his brother build the 
original Odyssey.  Dave spent one school year working on the Voyager's Bridge.

Me, clutching the only thing that kept me going during those tough times at the Space Center

 Several volunteers receiving their 500 point pillowcases 
during one of the Space Center's Honor's Nights.

Your Daily Dose of Science

The Imaginarium
Your imagination is like a muscle; it will grow weak and useless if not exercised.  The Imaginarium is a place where creativity and imagination are celebrated.  Remember to always make the ordinary, extraordinary.

This pretty much sums in all up.

Creative advertising by Jeep.

This student deserves an A for trying to have it both ways.
True?  False?  Would any teacher be fooled?


Good point,  however......


I dream of a world where the lamb can lay down with the lion.

Ingenious night light with removable globe for those quick trips to the bathroom.

Flying People.

Electrical Power Line Towers

A ship carved from one piece of wood.
A 14 year labor of love.
Imagination: A

Shintaro Ohata combines sculpture and canvas in his art.

Creative Packaging

 One mom's creative way of dealing with her bully son.

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