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Friday, January 25, 2013

Space Center News Update. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
Wasn't Thursday's ice rain something else?  I spent the whole day walking like a 90 year old.  I'm proud to say I didn't fall once.  Waving my arms around like two wind turbines in a gale preserved my balance.

My walking and frantic arm waving wasn't the only funny thing to watch Thursday morning.   Just getting to school was a comedy of errors for the students at Central School where I spend 15 minutes every morning working as a crossing guard. 

"Watch out, its slippery!" I shouted to the students as they exited their cars.  90% of them hit the deck before I finished my warning.  Luckily, kids don't have as far to fall as adults.  I'd experience a ten second free fall before slamming into the sidewalk at 230 miles per hour if I lost my footing and went down;  which is why I spent the day walking like a 90 year old, using my umbrella as a cane.  My orange crossing guard vest served a duel purpose, warning everybody to steer clear of me.

A video from Thursday's ice rain shot at BYU.   It was just like this at Central. 

Space Center News Update

Matt Ricks will spend most of his Space Center time next week getting the Magellan and Phoenix ready for field trip missions.  We have a February 11th deadline to meet, so ready or not - the buses will come and the Field Trips season will get underway.  Mrs. Houston will be getting the classroom lesson ready.  I'll start the laborious process of learning the Magellan's second chair position.  Once I have 2nd chair mastered, Zac will teach me to fly the Magellan.  Imagine me learning to fly the Magellan!   Can I be unfaithful to the Voyager after 22 years?  What about Tex? Can an old dog starship's chief engineer learn new tricks?  Who do you feel the most sorry for, me or Tex?

Mr. W.  

The Imaginarium
Your imagination is like a muscle.  You must use it or you will lose it.  Never miss an opportunity to make the ordinary, extraordinary. 


This Day Comes to us All

 Truth in Advertising!


An Amazing Wax Sculpture
Talent: A.  Creativity: A

Someone takes things too literally.

This is a date that won't come fast enough for many a Space Center fan.

Giving a total stranger something they'll never forget.
Imagination: A

A true test of someone's character.

Forever an optimist.
Always look for the best in any situation.

We've all been there and felt that.

Reminding people that stupidity has consequences.
Imagination: A

The Life Lessons Learned from Good Stories Told Well.

 Indiana Mouse

 A Great Way to Increase the tips.
Some just put out a cup next to the cash register that says "Tips".
I never tip into a cup by the register.
I would make an exception for the glass above because of the extra effort and imagination.

Believe it or not, many of your attitudes and opinions will change as you age. 
Perhaps some of yours already have.

Death Star Grill.
Creativity: A

Draw a trampoline on your hand and have fun all day.

Van Gogh's Starry Night in Bacon.
Brilliant and tasty.

Perhaps your favorite Space Center mission is one of those.

A Prism table.
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