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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Photographs from the Space Center's Golden Age. Space News. The Imaginarium

Art by Aimee Cozza.

Hello Troops,
Today we remember and celebrate the Space Center's Golden Age through pictures.

The brave crew of the Starship Falcon with Flight Director Bill Schuler.
Flight Director Lorraine Houston took the picture.
The Falcon was housed in one of our Starlab domes.  

Brady Young and McKay Hardy debating what to do next during our
summer camp Apollo 13 lesson.

Jennifer Remy teaching our summer camp lesson, Apollo 13.

Lorraine and Melanie.  
Lorraine worked in the Voyager.  Melanie taught our class session.
This picture was taken at the back of the Briefing Room before the Odyssey was built.

Summer Camp.
Bill Schuler and Aleta Clegg ran our cafeteria.  
That's me standing between them drooling over the very fine meals they prepared.

Chris Call
One of our old Odyssey Set Directors

 Space and Science News

Betelgeuse on a Collision Course!
A detailed view of the star Betelgeuse on a collision course with a nearby wall of dust.  Read More

 Firefly to be built for Asteroid Mining
A team of entrepreneurs and engineers unveiled plans on Tuesday for a space mining company that would tap nearby asteroids for raw materials to fuel satellites and manufacture components in orbit with a vehicle called Firefly.  Read More

Earth Once Hit by Massive Gamma-Ray Burst
More than 1,200 years ago, some mysterious event was recorded in tree rings in a Japanese cedar forest.  While one study suggested a solar flare was to blame, a new group of researchers are pointing toward a gamma-ray burst, a powerful space explosion.  Read More

Cloning a Neanderthal?
A Harvard geneticist has raised eyebrows by declaring that scientists could make a Neanderthal clone baby if they had an "extremely adventurous female human" as a surrogate.  Read More

The Imaginarium
 It is time to exercise your imagination.


The tallest rock climbing wall in the world.

I want whatever this is.

I think we are all told how special we are too many times.
Here's the bitter truth.
You are average in most things and above average in a few.
 Was that hard to swallow?  Sorry.
Now, focus on where you are above average and use your those abilities to make a difference.


They say curiosity killed the cat.
Don't know who "they" are but one thing I do know.
"They" sure do know a lot.

Something creative to do on a snowy day.

I'll take a car made out of this.

A message left by someone on a school calculator

A creative label.

Look it up on Google and learn something.

Creativity: A

 Bringing a bit of imagination to the office.

Coming Soon to a theater near You!

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