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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Video of Christine's Last Odyssey Mission

Hello Troops,
Christine Grosland was one of the Odyssey's talented Flight and Set Directors.  She left the Space Center several months ago to serve an LDS mission in Japan.  I stepped into the Odyssey to film the last few minutes of her last mission before leaving the Center for the MTC in Provo.  That rough video footage is presented to you today.

This video gives our non Space Center staff and volunteers a rare glimpse into the behind the scenes working of one of our simulators.  You'll see Christine playing the Odyssey's chief engineer and its main computer.  Christine was assisted by James Smith, one of the Center's newest Flight Directors.  He acted as her "Second Chair".  In the Voyager we call the 2nd chair "2FX" (because an old Apple IIFX computer sat there when the Space Center opened in 1990).

The first few minutes show the ending of the mission.  The Odyssey's crew is in a fight for their life as they try to save the Universe from the galactic forces of evil.  It is a classic Man Against Man scenario.  The Odyssey is victorious in the end.

You'll see Christine's signature sign off and goodbye to her last crew at the end of the video.  As you watch, please note Christine's skill at running a multi-character technical production.  She runs multiple pieces of equipment and directs her 2nd chair's actions while playing two different characters herself.  Its the kind of job not suited to many people.

Flight Directing takes many months of training.  The majority of our FD's begin as volunteer actors in the simulators;  from acting he or she trains in the 2nd chair position.  After several months learning the technical aspects of the simulator, the would be Flight Director requests formal training.  If the applicant is accept, he or she is given the microphone and begins training by playing a major character or two.  This microphone training transitions into actual Flight Directing and the running of many trail missions.  This process continues until the hopeful Flight Director is passed by the Set Director and formally made a Space Center Flight Director.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

Remember, Imagination is like a muscle.  You must use it or lose it.  The Imaginarium reminds you to use your imagination to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Again, take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. 
You can do it.  It only takes a bit of imagination.

An extraordinary shower head.
Creativity: A

An extraordinary fountain which recycles the water.
Creativity: A

Straight forward and honest.
This is what they are.  Please buy one.
I'll take two boxes please.

Time within Time.
Imagination: A

Easy to slap up a billboard with the McDonald's logo and the words
"Open at Night".
Imaginative to let the observer decipher the meaning behind the double lights.
Imagination at its best.

Cheap and inexpensive to make.
You'd sell them by the dozens near a beach.
This is seeing a need and fulfilling it.
This is how money is made.

Making do with what you have.
Creative: A

A play on logos.

An igloo of old books.
Perfect for a library.
Brilliant reading corner.

The future belongs to those who Imagine then Dream it can be, then Learn the skills necessary
and finally..... DO!
Engineers imagine a world where the paralyzed can walk with mechanical assistance.

Brilliant advertising
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