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Sunday, January 27, 2013

America's Secret Weapon is Failing Us. It's Time for You to Step Up to the Plate. The Imaginarium.


Now that is what I call studying.
We should see this in all our schools and universities.

 Hello Troops,
America has relied on a secret weapon far too long to maintain our position as world leader in science and technology.   Changes are necessary in both our educational system and in the mind set of our students if we are to maintain our super power status in the world.  America needs its youth to realize the dangers ahead if action isn't taken now.  The choices are clear.  Maintain the status quo and witness the decline of the American Empire, or change our way of thinking and educating to guarantee the best is yet to come.   

Its time to make a decision regarding your education  Decide to take the hard classes.  Decide to get good grades.  Get use to the fact that school is hard.  Griping and complaining is a waste of your time and energy.  It gets you nowhere.   

"Mr. Williamson, I didn't have time to get my homework done.  You can't believe how busy I am after school."

I hear this excuse for not getting assignments in on time from a few of my very able, very capable students; thank goodness it is only a few.  The majority of my very able, very capable students work hard to get their work in on time and done well.   I don't worry about them.  The students I worry about are the ones with great intellectual talent MINUS an inner motivation to succeed.  This student is a teacher and parent's greatest challenge.  Some of them pull out of their educational free fall while others don't.  The ones who don't represent a tremendous loss of human potential.  It is a national tragedy.

Your successes in school pave the road to success later in life.  I urge you to imagine where you want to be in ten or twenty years.  Believe in those dreams and trust the fact that you have what it takes to get there.  Get the education required.  This is where the formula gets difficult.  This educational component is the part of the success formula where kids start to give up.  Don't let that happen to you. 

Getting it done it is the final step to success.  Don't forget failing is part of 'getting it done'.  Who hasn't succeeded without their fair share of failures.  We learn from our mistakes.

Your family, friends and teachers are cheering you on.
Now, go take on the world.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium
Success always begins with imagination.  Remember to always make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Valentine's Day is three weeks away.
Time to start thinking about that person you'd like to like but afraid to make your
true intentions known.
Perhaps this imaginative Valentine's Day card will help :)

Not the best way to sell books but you've got to hand it to them for cleverness.

 More of Those Things that Drive You Nuts!


Manipulating Photographs didn't Start with Photoshop

 Awesome Street Art.
Imagination: A

Imagination involves finding commonality between two things which are seemingly unrelated
Become a master of the art.

Mario and Peach,
The Later Years.

Whoops,  that sticker really changed the character of the book.


Is this how business really works?

 I love Mark Twain

Who said cigarettes kill?
She's 48 and Still Doing Fine.

Anyone else dying of curiosity?
 This store has its customers guessing.

Chinese car.  German bicycle.

Refer to the video above.

Astronaut Food has Changed Over the Years.

 A good adage for those wanting to change an existing system.
You'll have your work cut out for you and it won't be easy.

I'm thinking this book was written about you.

Now you don't see this everyday.
Creativity: A

Enjoying life to the fullest knowing every day could be your last.
Learn this before you get too old.

1 comment:

Isaac O. said...

Its sad how bad America has gotten at just sitting down and doing the work! We used to be 1st at science, now were like 32nd....

Step it up guys.