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Friday, March 8, 2013

Casey Voeks Stricken. Discovery Space Center News. Space Center News. The Imaginarium

Discovery Space Center News.
Pleasant Grove

Casey and the Giant Blueberry.
Discovery Space Center Director Casey Voeks awoke this morning to find a giant blueberry growing out of the floor of one of Stonegate's large reception halls.  This photo was taken the moment of discovery.  He looked the same hours later.  Concerned that their Director may have PFS (Permanent Facial Shock), Discovery Space Center staff rushed him to the emergency room where doctors spent most of last night trying to unlock his jaw and loosen his cramped facial muscles.  As of this posting, doctors have successfully wired his jaw shut and are now focused on saving his eyesight (he hasn't blinked since yesterday morning).
The Troubadour will keep you updated on his condition. 

In other news, The Troubadour is pleased to report that work on the Discovery Space Center, Utah's newest Space Education Center modeled after The Space Center at Central School, is on target for its March 18th opening. 

"We finish work on the simulators by 7:00 P.M. Friday night or we burn the place down," said one of the Center's Asst. Directors.  The Center's staff have been working ridiculous numbers of hours in a mad rush to get the Discovery Center open.

"We want the Space Center's fans to know that we will be open on time and will be ready to offer them an awesome Space Center experience - just like the ones they had at the Space Center," said Casey Voeks before discovering the giant blueberry and losing his ability to speak and blink.

In Other News   
The Discovery Space Center has taken delivery of a new Digitarium Inflatable Planetarium.  The $37,000, state of the art, portable planetarium will greatly enhance the DSC's field trip experience. 

Of course, Fortuna has had something to say on the matter.  The case carrying the projector was found damaged.  The projector itself is cracked and the computer failed to start.  The DSC staff have contacted the company.  A new system will be sent and delievered in time for the DSC's March 18th opening.
Fortuna, the Goddess of Fortune, is in another of her mischievous states.  

March 12.  Decision Day  

The Alpine School District Building Rental Committee meets on March 12 to decide on our Foundation's proposal / partnership.  If approved, our Foundation will restart the Space Center's after school private missions, camps and classes.  The Volunteer Club will start again along with the Center's Computer Programming Guild.  

Let's hope for the best.

The Imaginarium.
Why settle for ordinary, when a little imagination and elbow grease can make it Extraordinary!

Somethings in life will always be out of reach.

The Dyson Airblade.
It really dries your hands.
 Engineering: A

We're getting closer and closer.

Imagination: A

Street Art of the 3rd Kind.


This is the kind of kid teacher's always seem to pick to play a Space Center Security Officer. .

How about a little light reading for the weekend?

Shouldn't every car be like this for the long road trips?

Creativity: A

I'll bet you could sell a few of these at the next school fair.
 Imagination: A-

So, its that easy?
Wow.  If only I'd found this guide earlier.
 The Transformer Couch.
Imagination: A
Comfort:  C

Someone said this to me when the Space Center was closed for 
repair and reorganization.  Its good advice - but it doesn't mean you should give up.

Don't even think about this for my birthday.
Creative: Yes.   Big Seller: NO

Children's Museum.

Just because someone is offering you a hand doesn't mean they have
your best interests at heart.

The Solar System in scale.
Mercury.  Venus.  Earth (yes the tiny pea). Mars. Jupiter. Saturn. Uranus. Neptune.

A child's dream bedroom.

Yes it is.

The Imaginarium tries not to be political, but this is ridiculous.
What is happening in our schools today?

An Adult's Dream House.

Isn't honesty refreshing?

Only the Space Center's old schedule and a Hospital Emergency Room could get away with this.

Creativity: A

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