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Friday, March 29, 2013

Power Outage. Great Videos. Old Computer Advertising. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
It was a light day for news (meaning there is nothing to share - no scandal, no controversy, no nervous breakdowns, no UFO sightings and no.... I take it back) except for the fact that the Space Center lost power just as the field trip group was getting off their bus this morning.  I was in the middle of my math money auction in my trailer when the lights flickered, flickered again, then went out.  I wondered how the Space Center staff were handling the situation.  I could have paused what I was doing to run in and try to manage the situation, but then decided against it.  The Space Center staff are highly competent adults who've been with me for years and years.  They know to always ask themselves, "What would Victor do?" when faced with any situation.  I continued offering up delicious WalMart donuts for auction thinking that if they needed me, they would come out and get me.  Well....... they didn't.

Math ended at 10:30 A.M.  I walked my class into the school and went to see what had happened.   The staff had done everything by the book.  Zack was sitting in the foyer.  Aleta was mulling around and Megan and Lorraine were outside with the class.  This was yet another confirmation that the Space Center will run just fine without me next year.  I leave behind a fully competent staff who know how to do the job and do it well.

Mr. W.

Please Enjoy the following two very short videos  

I'll follow this lad in the breech once more any day.  It swells my heart and gives me such hope for the future of acting.  That speech is about 400 years old, and I can't imagine it ever being done with any more heart.   Brilliant.

What Man can Imagine, Man Can Do!

Computer Advertising over the last thirty years or so.  Enjoy

William Shatner and the Commador  Vic20

The Imaginarium.
Make the ordinary, extraordinary


Photographs, now and then


How money really works

Just another reminder to shower at least daily and please wash your hair.

Engineering Creativity: A


"My first day as dictator!   BEST DAY EVER!"
Kim Jong Piggy


Rest in Peace
Richard Griffiths

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