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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Video of the Newest Ship of the Fleet in Pennsylvania. The Voyager was the First. The IKS Titan is the Newest.

Hello Troops,

Today was a momentous day.  It was the public unveiling of the IKS Titan, our sister Space Center program located in the Shaler Area School District, Pennsylvania.

Representatives from the media, school districts, and community organizations from far and wide descended upon the Shaler Area Elementary School to experience Dream Flight Adventure's magical new learning environment firsthand.

"The past 13 months have been unbelievable!" said Gary Gardiner, Founder and Director of Dream Flight Adventures. "The Shaler Area School District has been a terrific partner, the Grable Foundation has been a tremendous support, and the kids we’ve worked with have been an absolute joy.  And this is just the beginning."   Gary says there are more missions in development.  "We’ve recently announced our Dream Weaver Challenge, and we’re working around the clock to bring the Dream Flight Adventures™ magic to as many children as possible."

Gary posted the following 12 minute video to introduce people to the IKS Titan.  Please watch and be amazed!

And for those who are so busy, finding 12 spare minutes would be like, a miracle; this is the shorter 3 minute version of the video above.

Congratulations to Gary and his team for bring the spirit of the Space Center to the children of Pennsylvania!  What started as my small 6th grade classroom experiment with poster board spaceship controls and overhead projector in 1983 is growing and expanding.  When one door closes, another and another and another open.  The Shaler Area School District's administrators are to be congratulated for their willingness to support this new, innovated and entirely out of the box method of educating children.  Experiential Education is the future!

Mr. W.

The Imaginarium
If you're not using your imagination, you are not living; make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Freaky, everything is moving.

What a clever way of getting customers to part with a bit of spare cash.
Imagination: A

This also works when you're pretending to listen to someone ramble on about something
you have absolutely no interest in.
Hint, if you see me doing it, STOP TALKING and move on.

I've found a party for me.

Imagination: A


There are amazing things out there waiting for you to discover them.

A great way to calibrate a robotic surgical instrument.

Library stairway.

Brilliant advertising.

I'm feeling very much like the old fart in the chair. 

Brilliant and high tech, but ..... why?

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