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Monday, March 18, 2013

Your Questions and Answers. A Space Center Spirit Shout Out. The Imaginarium


 Isn't this true for all of us?

Hello Troops,

Thank you for all the kind words and remembrances regarding my retirement announcement.  There were a couple questions sent in that I'll answer now:
1)  "Mr. Williamson, will you keep up the blog after you retire?"
             The Troubadour will continue.  Have no fear, for as long as there is one simulator left on
             planet Earth using my methods, then The Troubadour will be here telling its stories.
2)  "Mr. Williamson, will the Space Center continue without you?"
             Yes, the Space Center will continue.  The school district will find another director.  That 
             is how life works.  No one is indispensable.  
3)  "Mr. Williamson, what will you do after you retire?"
             Our new Space EdVentures Foundation will keep me busy.  I'll continue to work hard with 
             other members of our Space Center community ( people like you) to bring the Space
             Center experience to people coast to coast.  You keep watching the blog (reading it would                    be better, but I know you may be pressed for time and may not have a minute to read 
             awesome space news, excellent commentary and of course, The Imaginarium) and I'll
             keep you updated on what YOU can do to help.  

A Space Center Spirit Shout Out !

Randy Bott 
Going the Extra thousand miles plus!

Pleasant Grove's Discovery Space Center's new planetarium projector failed two weeks ago.  It was promptly returned to the company in Washington State.  The company overnighted a second projector.  It lasted two days and failed last Friday.  This put the Discovery Space Center in a real bind.  It was scheduled to officially open for field trips TODAY.  Running a field trip without a planetarium could prove disastrous.   A immediate solution was needed.

In steps the Bott Family, owners of the Discovery Space Center and Stonegate Center for the Arts.  Late Friday afternoon, Randy Bott loaded the malfunctioning system in his car and set off for Washington State to get a new planetarium projector system in time for today's field trips.  That meant driving pretty much non stop all weekend long!

Randy Bott deserves a special SHOUT OUT for his dedication to the Space Center Spirit!   

News of Interest

An uplifting 1960s letter from Spock to a mixed-race teen has resurfaced and recently gone viral.
Leonard Nimoy, the Star Trek star who played Spock, was so moved by a young fan's letter describing her struggles with racial identity that he decided he had to respond.

Adults Cured of HIV
Higgs Boson Confirmed
Brain Scans & Reading Minds 
Keeping Liver Alive in Vitro
Distant Planet Water Vapour
Early Birds’ Wings

Dizzy Dwarf Star will Spin Itself to Death

The star takes only 13.2 seconds to spin once on its axis. The next fastest white dwarf, AE Aquarii, takes 33 seconds per revolution. If Earth were somehow set spinningMovie Camera as fast as Dizzy, people would rapidly be flung out into space, followed closely by the oceans, mountains and crust.

The deep rocky mantle and almost all of Earth's core would also be torn apart by this super-spin.  Read More

The Imaginarium
Never lose the inner child.  Keep your imagination sharp by using it.  Make the ordinary, extraordinary!

This deserves a caption, but I don't dare...

One of the best parts of childhood
Our simulators do the same thing, don't you agree?

Cool and Imaginative Products


Basic Self Defense

Imagination at work 

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