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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Time has Come to Move On.

Hello Troops,
Most of you know this, but I'd better make it official. My last day with the Alpine School District will be May 30th. I've decided to retire, jump the fence and see what's on the other side. It has been a wonderful 30 years working with the students and teachers at Central Elementary School; seven years teaching 6th grade and twenty-three years directing the Space Center and teaching the school's pre-algebra class. I spent much of my time directing the Space Center from my little corner in the Voyager's Control Room (picture), one of my favorite places on Earth. Over 320,000 students got to experience the Space Center's unique EdVentures thanks to the dedicated hard work of so many good people. What a Team!
The Space Center will continue to offer field trips under a new director.  I plan on continuing my work with simulation based, experiential education through our new Space EdVentures Foundation, the Farpoint Academy,  the Discovery Space Center and so on and so forth....  
Fellow Troubadours, I hope you'll come along with me.  The EdVenture has only begun.   
The universe is lovely, dark, and deep,
But we have promises to keep,
And light years to go before we sleep,
And light years to go before we sleep. 
  (thanks Robert Frost)
Mr. W. 
How I've Spent the Last 23 Years

Me, at the helm of the USS Voyager.

Me at the white board teaching my pre-algebra class.  
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