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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday on the Troubadour. News. Video and The Imaginarium. The Makings of a Great Weekend.

The Earth and Moon (Actual Distance)

Hello Troops,

The Space EdVentures Foundation supports and champions Experiential Education at the The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove, the Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove, Dream Flight Adventures in Pennsylvania and The Space Center in Logan, Utah.  These organizations use educational simulations to delivery curriculum in a unique and imaginative way.  

Today I received the following email from James Porter, Director of The Space Education Center in Logan, Utah.  James' team is kicking off their fund raising efforts in hopes of opening their Space Center program in Logan sometime this Fall.  They are asking for your help in their endeavor.  Please take a moment to review their Kickstarter appeal and give if you can.

Mr. Williamson
Hello Fellow Space Center Enthusiast,We would like to announce the start of our Kickstarter project to fund the construction of our first simulator.  To introduce our program to those that don't know us, we are the Space Education Center in Logan, Utah.  Our mission: We inspire learning and discovery through immersive, space-themed experiences in science, arts, and the humanities.  As we look to replicate the success of the CMSEC and make that wonderful experience available to more individuals, we also hope to add to our space center community with a few new things as well.
One of our ambitious goals is the addition of a museum element to the program.  The museum will feature exhibits, presentations, activities and workshops that will get visitors of all ages excited about exploring the world and universe around us.  Cache Valley and its close neighbors is one of the world's hotbeds of space activity.  The Space Dynamics Lab, Campbell Scientific, Utah State University, and ATK are major organizations that frequently touch that lofty heavens that surround our planet.  We have been developing partnerships with these organizations to make some of the fantastic resources at their disposal available to the public.
Thanks ahead of time for all your help in promoting and supporting our goal.  The more people that know about our project(Click Here) the better.  Check out our website for more information and our Facebook page for updates as we reach our goal.
-James Porter


Saturday's Video Selection.  Time to Learn Something

How Big is the Universe?

The Imaginarium.
Using imagination to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

I smell a hipster.

A South Pole Researcher having a Bit of Fun.

Imagination at Work

 I Wonder Why?

 A bottle made of keys

 How NOT to Make Someone's Day

Lemon Aide

A Danish Train Station

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