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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Metta Smith Weds. Connor Larsen Says Goodbye to the Magellan. This Week in Science and Technology. The Imaginarium

This Weekend at the 
Space EdVenture Centers

The Discovery Space Center

     You long time Discovery Space Center EdVenturers will notice something unusual in the Command and Control Center.  

     What you see is a new reception desk recently built and installed by Brandon Wright, imagineer extraordinaire for the DSC.  Its modern look really adds to the entire look and feel of the C and C - not to mentioned the entire DSC itself.  I'm told the two banners displayed on the walls are coming down.  They'll be replaced with flags and signs from the DSC's fictional universe.  
     The DSC is taking great strides in providing its customers with an outstanding space edventure.  Visit the web site to book a summer camp and come join in the fun!

The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center

     Saturday was Connor Larsen's last day at the CMSEC.  Connor started at the Space Center during my administration.  He was a very young, enthusiastic volunteer full of ideas and driven by an over abundance of confidence and imagination.   He worked hard to become a flight director and enjoyed his time flying thousands of children in the Magellan simulator.   

Connor greeting his last crew as a CMSEC flight director
Connor leading them to their bathroom break and briefing. 
Connor briefing his last crew on Greenpeace.  What a fantastic mission to end on.
I wonder who might have written that story???
Connor training the crew to fly the Magellan
Connor's last Farpoint Cadet staff.  Rich, Scott, Colt, Brandon and Tori (?).

      I'm sure you all would like to join me in thanking Connor for years of service given at the CMSEC.  

 A CMSEC Legend Marries

     Saturday afternoon I attended Metta Smith's reception.  Metta was a member of the Space Center's old time staff.  She worked as a volunteer, supervisor, flight director and overnight camp chaperone.  Metta trained many of the Space Center's best supervisors in the Magellan.  She was one of our indispensables, who sadly moved to Oklahoma a few years ago to continue her career as an officer in the Air Force.  That is where she met her husband to be,  fellow officer Korey Mundell.  The couple will make Oklahoma their home.  Congratulations Metta from all of your co-workers and fans.       
Mrs. Houston, Korey and Metta, and the former Amber Phillips, another old time
Space Center employee.

     Metta with her bridesmaid, Megan Warner.  The two are best friends.  Megan is the director of the CMSEC.  

Space and Science News

From Sci-Tech

Science Summary of The Week

➤ Graphene’s heat potential:
➤ Planet-hunting camera:
➤ World's 'biggest dinosaur:

➤ Cancer vaccine:
➤ Jupiter's red spot:
➤ Cancer stem cells:
➤ Newly discovered exoplanet:
➤ Stem cell therapy:

This Week in Technology

➤ Electrical Stimulation:
➤ New battery tech:
➤ Hover bike:
➤ Home diagnostics:
➤ New class of polymers:
➤ World’s smallest engine:

The Imaginarium

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