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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Your First Look at Farpoint's Vanguard. Today's Farpoint Club Meeting. News from DSC. The Imaginarium.

Your First Look at the Vanguard

  This is an exterior shot of the Vanguard transversing the Kepler 62 Star System.  The Vanguard will be Farpoint's first simulator currently being imagineered by Alex Anderson and the rest of our Command and Logistics Team.  
     I can hear what you're saying..... You can't wait to fly this marvel of technology.  
     Patience younglings.... patience.    

Today's Farpoint Club General Membership Meeting 

Hello Troops,
     The Farpoint Cadets met this morning at Renaissance Academy for our May general membership meeting.  I know several of you couldn't attend because of prior commitments so we'll excuse you and encourage you to attend the next one.   

Melanie Long and Jacque Lystrup met with the medical department.  Their job is to learn the basics of first aid and human biology.  This department will help imagineer and staff the Vanguard's sick bay.  

The computer department met with Brent Anderson.  We've partnered with SimplyCoding in American Fork.  This partnership will bring many new, young, and hopeful programmers into the fold. 

The engineering department met with McKay Hardy.  They're learning the basics of technology with arduino boards.  The engineering department will design and build many of the Vanguards bells and whistles.  

The command and logistics department met in the library.  CL is responsible for the Farpoint universe, ship designs, etc.  Today we reviewed the first of many recently discovered Kepler planets which will be incorporated into our fictional universe.  

News from DSim (The People at Discovery Space Center)
By Bracken Funk

Hello Troops,

DSim is expanding to many different schools across the state. Already at Lakeview Academy, the UCS Leo is fighting to save humanity in a variety of different ways. The UCS Leo can be booked for private missions at: Come and check out the Leo, and decide for yourself which United Colonies' Ship is your favorite!

Right now I'm sitting in the Conference room at Lakeview Academy using facetime to attend a class out in Hawaii. This class is an Educational Psychology course teaching me how to use teaching to better help students learn. It's an incredibly interesting class. I took a picture to commemorate the occasion. You may or may not notice the extra fat I've developed over the last year as I dealt with my knee injury. I'm working to get it off, but now there's more Bracken to love :)

Today has been a great day, and we are excited to make a major announcement! The volunteer program is needed once again at the Discovery Space Center. That's right folks, we are calling all of our volunteer force, and asking them for their help. Our objective is to have our volunteers help us out with various acting parts, realism, and set-up protocols. We're excited to open up our doors to you tremendous volunteers, and hope to see you soon!  Watch for openings on the Farpoint working schedule.

Mr. Carr and I spent the afternoon planning out our summer, and we are excited for the opportunities that we have to offer our campers! I can't let the secret out of the bag just yet, but make sure you pay attention to our facebook page, twitter account, instagram account, and pinterest  for details on our exciting regimen of summer missions.

I can tell you that each of the four simulators are getting new stories. Our summer stories are action packed, and extremely powerful. These missions are BRAND new, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed preparing them for you. Always remember that if you feel you are missing out on a story because you didn't make it on that ship during your camp, you can schedule a mission for you and your friends any time you want by visiting our website at!

We'll See You In the Stars!

Bracken Funk
Flight Director

The Imaginarium

Have you ever wondered what you'll look like in 10, 15, or 20 years? Or have you ever been stunned to see photos of your parents or grandparents when they were younger? This week, even the hosts on the TODAY Show got a look into the future by using a new computer program that predicts what we'll look like in older age.
Aging affects all of us, but just because our appearance has changed, doesn't mean our identities have. That's exactly what Czech photographer Jan Langer wanted to capture with his collection, "Faces Of Century." Langer photographed nearly a dozen Czech centenarians and juxtaposed those images with older photos of the subjects in their younger years.

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