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Saturday, May 10, 2014


New Space Center Director Announced

James Porter and his family

Hello Space Center Fans,
     James Porter will become the third director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education. The Alpine School District offered James the position last week.  James will assume the directorship in August, taking the place of the CMSEC's current director, Megan Warner. Megan will move into an assistant position.  This change will give her the opportunity to finish her degree at BYU, something she put on hold to take over for me when I retired in May of 2013 to build the Farpoint Space Education Center at Renaissance Academy in Lehi.
     James grew up in Orem Utah.  He and his brother Stephen worked for me at the Space Center all through their teen years.  James served an LDS mission in England,  graduated from UVU and took a teaching position at the Thomas Edison Charter School in Logan. 

James showing off his new, green flight director's shirt.  I promoted him from supervisor to Galileo flight director back in the days of the original Galileo simulator.  

     James was bitten by the Space Center bug as a young man and never recovered.  While attending USU, he ran a space center program for the Logan area schools using a simulator built by Dave Wall.  Within the last few years, he and his partners were in the process of creating a non-profit foundation to build a space center of their own in Logan.  When news that the Alpine District was looking for a teacher to direct the Space Center, James applied and got the job. Logan's loss is Utah County's gain. 
     I asked James for a comment to include in this post.  He was gracious enough to send the following:         
     I'm honored and excited to have been chosen as the next director of the CMSEC.  This opportunity would not have been possible had Mr. Williamson and Megan Warner not worked so hard to develop such an amazing program.  I am also mindful of the many fantastic volunteers and staff who, over the years, have given their all to create such a great experience.  It will be my privilege to work next to so many wonderful people.  Working hand in hand, we will continue the Space Center's 23 year legacy.
     James understands the Space Center.  He knows how it works.  He was a Galileo and Odyssey flight director.  He is a good teacher and has a very supportive family.  I know he will do a fine job.  Of course there will be much to learn, but with Megan at his side, and the support of the Alpine District community, James will be a fine director.  Expect several more decades of wonderful EdVentures.  Welcome back James!

Mr. Williamson  

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