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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two New Starship Simulators Announced for Utah County! DSim Has a Barbeque. The Imaginarium.

Pleasant Grove's Canyon Grove Charter School Announces Plans for Two DSim Simulators

Hello Space EdVenture Fans,
     I'm pleased to announce that Canyon Grove Academy (formerly known as Quail Run), a public charter school in Pleasant Grove, has signed an agreement with DSim for the construction of two new simulators.  The largest, named Everest, will hold 26 students.  The smaller, named Pathfinder, will hold 13.  Both simulators are scheduled to open in the Fall of 2014.  
     The Everest and Pathfinder will bring the total number of DSim simulators to seven. The Atlantis, Columbia, Endeavor, and Challenger are at the Discovery Space Center.  The Leo is at Lakeview Academy in Saratoga Springs.  Add DSim's seven simulators to Alpine School Districts four ships at Central School and you get a grand total of eleven SpaceEdVenture simulators in Utah County.  But wait....... let's not forget the USS Vanguard, my new simulator project, also scheduled for completion next school year at Renaissance
Academy in Lehi.  The Vanguard will bring take that total to twelve!  
     But wait....... why stop there? DSim is getting ready to announce the construction of a two more simulators in the next few weeks.  Simulators are blooming everywhere in Utah County!  Life couldn't get any better for us Space EdVenture fans. 
 I'm like a kid in a candy shop.  

Mr. Williamson

DSim Throws a Barbecue. People Walk Away With Zero Foodborne Illnesses. 

     I received an invitation to attend an end of year, start of summer, DSim barbeque last Thursday.  I decided to attend, knowing my presence wouldn't be noticed - thus giving me the opportunity to blend into the crowd to pick up the latest juicy DSim gossip.
     How many DSim directors and staff does it take to barbeque a few hamburgers?  The picture speaks for itself.  

     Cameron was smart enough to keep Brandon, Skyler and BJ away from the grill.  They like to touch and fingers have been badly burned in previous barbeques.  BJ performed his "I'm at a Barbeque and I'm Having Fun" dance ad nauseum.  Brandon asked if I knew him.  I declined to answer and took a picture instead. 

     Brandon W. was master of flame and keep of the banner on the opposite barbecue. It was difficult to tell who conjured the better burger - Cameron or Brandon.  For the sake of peace between simulators, I believe it was left to a draw.  
     Before one ounce of minced beef could cross anyone's lips, Casey required all present to stand before the banner and pledge allegiance to DSim :)   The younger DSim staff took turns standing on the highest point of the jungle gym (behind) - always on the look out for CMSEC spies who could happen upon the gathering in search of that secret something that made DSim's burgers the best in town that night.   


     Awards and recognitions were showered down on even the most humble by the Lords and Ladies of DSim during the After the Feast Awards Ceremony. I was awarded the Champion of Rice Krispies treats, for the mass quantities I consumed while still able to carry on an intelligent conversation festooned with witticisms and pun.    

     Sarah G., spent the better part of the evening acting as Earl Bracken Funk's squire and Keeper of the Brace.  Bracken, bolstered by emotion, and energized from breathing good Utah air (having recently graduated from BYU Hawaii) released his bad knee from its scaffolding and walked freely among those gathered.  Some said it as a miracle and urged a quick canonization investigation.  Regardless, Sarah kept his brace with diligence and valor.  
     It was a wonderful evening spent with friends and co-workers.  Congratulations to DSim for its recent successes and the magic it brings to the people of Utah.

Mr. W.       

The Imaginarium
It's Saturday. What did you expect?


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