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Friday, May 2, 2014

Will Artificial Intelligence Be the End of Humanity? How the Pyramids were Really Built. The Imaginarium

Artificial Intelligence Could be Mankind's Biggest Mistake say Stephen Hawking

The world's most famous physicist is warning about the risks posed by machine superintelligence, saying that it could be the most significant thing to ever happen in human history — and possibly the last. Read More fro I09

Researchers Have Solved The Mystery Of How The 

Egyptians Made The Pyramids
From Business Insider
Physicists at the University of Amsterdam investigated the forces needed to pull weighty objects on a giant sled over desert sand, and discovered that dampening the sand in front of the primitive device reduces friction on the sled, making it easier to operate. 

The findings help answer one of the most enduring historical mysteries: how the Egyptians were able to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of constructing the famous pyramids.

Read more at Business Insider

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