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Monday, May 26, 2014

Saturday at the Space Centers. The Magellan Gets a New Flight Director. Jon's New T-Shirt Calms Everyone. The Imaginarium.

Saturday at the Space Education Centers

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!
     Saturday is my favorite day of the week because I get to stop at each of the space education centers, chat with the staff, check in on our Farpoint cadet volunteers, and generally snoop around for a story or two for The Troubadour.  I like to catch the staff and volunteers just being themselves.  Doing this gives you, the reader, a true - behind the scenes - look at the people and events which make these centers, "The Second Happiest Places on Earth".   

     I'm standing on the Columbia's bridge at the DSC watching Trevor prep the simulator for its next mission.  He seemed perfectly happy doing the work alone, as long as his wing man in the Columbia's control room kept him supplied with the best tunes to work by.  

     The Columbia's DJ.  He recuperates after his last mission in the beautifully air conditioned control room and plays great music for his staff to prep by.  They have this turn around routine down pat at the DSC.  

     Visitors to the DSC will notice the staff's patriotism by their red, white, and blue uniforms (either that or they're secretly either French, Russian, or Dutch spies).  I asked what the colors stood for.  Red means you're an intern and highly expendable.  Blue means you're staff and therefore entitled to some respect.  White means you're the doctor - and something else. I forgot what that something else was. I neglected to write it down.  Visitors to the DSC should always seek out a blue shirt upon arrival.  Steer clear of the red shirts - they're accident prone and have been know to shoot their eyes out by not exhibiting proper care in the handling of the DSC's phasers.  Talk to the white shirts if you need to order an omelet or something.  

     Brandon was excited to show me one of the DSC's new logo banners on display in the Command and Control Room.  What do you think?  I think it's legit (I'm hoping that is still a word in the teenager's common tongue) .  

     Trevor wasn't quite as excited to show me the second new banner on display.  I'm thinking he was exhausted from handling the Columbia's turn around all by himself; not to mention the fact that there wasn't music in the C and C room to work by.  

     The DSC's new lobby desk complete with military rations for those in need after a grueling couple hours in space defending life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   Bracken is the acting quartermaster.  He dispenses the rations based on the number of colonial credits you've got in your wallet.  

Farpoint Cadets Return to Volunteering at the DSC

     That's right, Farpoint cadets have returned to volunteering at the DSC as of yesterday.  

Brandon, the first of the returning Fapoint Cadets to the DSC
     I stopped sending volunteers because of an insurance question and a raise in insurance rates.  That is all worked out now and volunteers are back and welcomed.  "We need the Farpoint cadets," Bracken said when asked his thoughts on the return of the Farpoint volunteers.  "I need them desperately. My summer mission's success rides on their willingness to come and help!"   I promised Bracken our cadets wouldn't let him down.  

     Fun at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center   

     It was a little bit of fun at the CMSEC.  I found the Odyssey staff and the Phoenix staff engaged in a bit of tomfoolery.  Apparently the Odyssey staff were "borrowing" dry erase markers from the Phoenix control room and not returning them.  This led to that, and signs like the one above appeared in the Phoenix window.   

     Jon Parker was excited for me to see his new t-shirt.  I told him the message was loud and clear. Just reading it calmed me down and made me feel good about the world once again. 
Awesome shirt Jon (who just so happens to be the CMSEC's assistant director).

     Our brave Farpoint cadets are poised and prepared to take the Magellan crew by force.  Yes, it was promising to be an epic battle between the evil Orion Pirates and the freedom loving and universal agents for good Magellan crew.  

  And.......  it was over almost as fast as it had started.  The Farpoint Cadets 0.  Magellan crew 1.   Cadet Bradyn S., acting as the Magellan's doctor, tried to console his captured comrades.  "Its OK you all got captured by a two eleven year old security guards.  At least you gave it your best."  

      Megan shared this photo of a double decker bus which transported one of the CMSEC's private parties to the center for their mission last week.  The driver was kind enough to give the staff a ride around the block.  Take a guess where they all sat. 

      Miranda was in the hallway trying to flog several granola bars and a few Cup-O-Soups off onto our cadets.  

     Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the Cup-O-Soups were off their sell-by dates by two years.  The same was true of the granola bars.  Miranda was embarrassed, yet still tried to get anyone to take them.  Apparently she found them in some dark recess of the Phoenix control room.  
     She had no takers.     

     What do Farpoint volunteers do in between missions?  They go through station training in the simulators.  This makes them better volunteers and more valuable to the staff.   

     Cadet Bryan watches as Nathan and Tabitha rush to prep the Odyssey.  They were told the newly arrived crew was switching from the Galileo to the Odyssey.  They had the Odyssey up and running in no time.  The mark of true Space Center pros (supervised by one of our volunteers, of course).    

     What a great bunch of volunteers - the life blood of a good Magellan mission.

The Magellan Has a New Flight Director

     The Space Center is happy to introduce Alex Anderson to all our Troubadour readers.  
Alex took his first paying missions on Saturday as a new Magellan flight director.

     There was NO learning curve with Alex.  He is a true pro.  There isn't a ship at the CMSEC that Alex can't fly now.  He's talented and considered by everyone to be a real asset to the Magellan.  

     Many of you old timers may remember Bryson Lystrup, a long time Space Center volunteer and staff.  Today, Bryson works for the Pleasant Grove police as the PG High School liaison officer.   He stopped by the Space Center last week to say hello and to have his picture taken with the Space Center's lead teacher and matron, Lorraine Houston.

     It was another fun day at the Space Centers.


Sunday's Imaginarium
Think Imagination

Carter G., found this in a local restaurant.  Thanks Carter for sending it in.

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