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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Camper's Comment from 14 Years Ago. News from the Discovery Space Center. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans!
     I started the Space Center's first online group in March 2000.  While that group is still available online, I stopped posting to it when The Troubadour started on February 10, 2008.
    Our SpaceEdVentures YahooGroup is rich with Space Center history and culture.  To preserve that history, I've been reposting some of the better articles to The Troubadour.  Today I'm posting a camper's comment sent to me on June 2, 2000.  Wow, that's fourteen years ago!  

YahooGroup SpaceEdVentures      

From The Space Center's First Blog: SpaceEdVentures.

June 2, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
I recently received this email. I thought you may like to read it. Its good to know that what we do makes a difference. Remember, for every actually letter someone sends hundreds are not but the people feel the same way! 
Sit back, read, and pat yourselves on the back. 
And now Ashley's letter:

Ashley Wright sent the following...

I recently attended your over-night camp on the 19 & 20th of this month. It was the best thing I have ever done. I was admiral of the Magellan space station. Being an admiral was not an easy job. But it taught me a lot of responsibilities. I talked face to face with an alien that I had to have a translator in order to talk to him. We made a date with Captain Jose & our communications officer in trade for some coolent. Another time we even traded 2 pairs of Nike shoes for coolent. I slept downstairs of the Voyager station next to their sick bay. I would request this camp to all of my friends.
I would like to bring a cousin of mine to your 3 day summer camp. I have found out that your summer camps this year are already full. If you could, please send all the information you have on your summer camps. I am going to work really hard this summer in order to have some money to attend next years summer camp. Please include the price for those 3 day camps. I hope to hear from your camp very soon. Again I would like to say, I think it is the most wonderful & the most exciting thing I have ever done. I will recommend this program to all of my friends!

News from the Discovery Space Center

Junior Day Camp

The Discovery Space Center has a new summer program called the JUNIOR DAY CAMP for ages 4-9.  Their first JDC was held on June 10.  One mother wrote the following review:
"My boy and all the other kids were all smiles and full of excitement when they came out of their day camp. He was really nervous to go, but is begging to go back ASAP. Hopefully they get some more missions for his age range soon because this is definitely something he had fun and learned a lot doing." - Jennifer D.
To book a Junior Day Camp visit

Merit Badge Classes Offered this Summer

 To enroll in one or both classes visit the DSC's web site

The Discovery Space Center Contest

Would you like to come to the Discovery Space Center for $5? If this post gets 300+ Facebook likes there will be a $5 mission in July!

Space and Science News

Mountain Top in Chile Blown Off for Giant Telescope
The top of a 3,000m-high (10,000ft) mountain in Chile has been blown up to make way for the world's largest optical and infrared telescope.
A million tonnes of rock were blasted in order to create a level surface on which to build the European-Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).
At its heart will lie a mirror that is half the size of a football pitch.
This will allow astronomers to look further into space and in more detail than ever before.
The explosion in Cerro Armazones in northern Chile took place just after 1840 BST and was streamed live by the European Southern Observatory.

Science Summary of the Week
From Sci-Tech

➤ Massive ocean:
➤ Mini supernova:
➤ Burning fat:
➤ Eye cells from stem cells:
➤ Earth and moon age:
➤ New oxygen carrier:
➤ Quantum particles:
➤ New cancer type:
This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology
From Sci-Tech

➤ Solar Panel Production Plant:
➤ Amazon Fire Phone:
➤ Inflatable Concrete:
➤ Robot Hitch-Hiker:
➤ LEVAN Computer:
➤ Ophone:

The Imaginarium

Do you see the lesson in this?

The new McDonald's Happy Meal box is creepy

Heading Home to Cloverdale

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