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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Restroom Art at the DSC. Nicole VandenBos Returns to the CMSEC. This Week in Science and Technology. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans,
     The Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove is going the extra mile to doctor up the look of their restrooms.

     This is Wink, keeping all the ladies company in the DSC's Women's restroom. 

     To Wink's left there is a stunning launch bay mural - the first thing you see coming out of the stalls.      

     Above the stalls and sinks are two murals.  The lower is a painting of a galaxy and nebula. Above are portholes looking out into space.

     I believe there is an unwritten law stating that women's' restrooms must be better than men's.  I first discovered this toilet trend when I worked as a custodian in the Widsoe, MARB and Clyde Buildings at BYU in the early 1980's.  I bring this up because the DSC's men's restroom is still a work in progress.  I encourage the DSC to not discriminate against men and boys and give us a restroom equal to the women's.  

Nicole VandenBos Returns to the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center  

     I'm pleased to announce the return of Nicole VandenBos, a long time Space Center legend and subject of many a heroic tale of Magellan greatness, to the CMSEC and the Magellan.  Nicole left the CMSEC to intern teach in Heber during this last school year.  Now that her internship is finished, Nicole has time to reclaim her position at the CMSEC as Magellan flight director for the summer 2014 season.  

     Last Saturday I found Nicole flight directing a Magellan private mission.  It was her second mission of the day (talk about getting thrown into the deep end).  

The Farpoint Space and Science Club Welcomes a New Cadet

     I interviewed the newest Farpoint cadet on Saturday.  Connor is a student at Rowland Hall going into the 7th grade.  He finished his two observations at the CMSEC and is ready to rock the volunteering world with his own brand of enthusiasm.  Welcome to the club Connor!  

Mr. W. 

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The Imaginarium

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