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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

James Porter Takes the Director's Microphone at the CMSEC. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans,
     Megan Warner passed the Space Center Director's Mic to James Porter this morning at the conclusion of a Space Center staff meeting.  This brief, yet moving ceremony signalled another changing of the guard at the CMSEC. By receiving the Director's Mic, James officially takes control of the CMSEC. 

     Something we've suspected all along but never had actual proof - the way to move ahead at the CMSEC. Here, in this exclusive Troubadour photo, you see Alex Anderson slipping Asst. Space Center Director Jon Parker a bit of cash for what I expect is a lubricate to make his transition into a higher paid flight director easier.  
     It was either that, or Alex was paying Jon for his new Space Center jacket.  You choose the story you'd like to believe. 

     James got off to a good start by offering the Space Center staff a bit of breakfast before his "Get to Know You" meeting.

     The staff sat attentively and listened to every word as they tried to get the measure of the man.  You'll notice the younger staff sat in the front, closer to James.  It was their way to gain favor and recognition.  The older, and more cynical staff, sat in the back where they could mumble without being noticed.  

     The staff eating and talking.

     The staff may their doubts about James, but the same can't be said about James' two boys who stole the heart of the meeting in a short video James played to introduce his family.
James has an awesome family, who are very supportive of this new strange job he has as Space Center Director. 

     Megan passing the Director's Microphone to James signifying the end of her reign and the beginning of his.  

     Along with the Director's Microphone comes the Director's Oar where the names of the CMSEC's Directors are kept.  James will be the third name on the Oar.

Strange, but I found this on the gift shop counter.  What was my retirement picture doing taped to a gallon of Tampico?  Tampico was the orange liquid we use to serve campers for breakfast on our overnight camps. 


      Megan Warner and Jon Parker will continue to work at the CMSEC throughout the summer.  Megan is unsure what she will do at summer's end. Jon plans on staying on as he prepares to start university sometime this year.
     James introduced himself to the Space Center staff.  He talked about his background in education and the years he spent working at the CMSEC while in junior high and high school.  He briefly shared a few of his ideas on the Space Center's future and what he expected from the staff and volunteers.  
     James has a sarcastic sense of humor - something the staff should be use to after working with myself and Megan. He got us all partway through the meeting when he put this up on the projector screen. 
The school district has given a directive banning away teams at the Space Center starting in August.
     He confessed to the joke after he sensed the room's collective blood pressure spike well into the explosive range.  
     The Space Center enters a new age with James at the helm and The Troubadour will be there every step of the way to keep you informed on all things Space Center.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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