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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Can't Believe I Ate It. Writing Time Travel Missions. Another Near Earth Object to Skim By. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans,
     I spent a few hours at school today cleaning out files and cupboards.  I found an old candy coated brownie on a stick in a bag of things I packed when I retired from Central last year. A voice in my head said, "Eat It".  My common sense urged caution.  I took one bite and immediately spit it out.  It was disgusting. The moral of the story is to trust your brain's Common Sense Chip.
     Several hours have passed and I still can't believe I put that in my mouth, especially considering my classroom's recently stocked candy bucket, kept for student rewards and teacher emergencies, was right beside me on a shelf. I suppose they're right when they say you become more like a baby as you age.  Babies will put anything in their mouths, and so will someone who is dangerously close to 56!
Writing Science Fiction Time Travel Stories

     I know many of our Farpoint cadets and Space Center staff like to write sci-fi / time travel missions for the various Space EdVenture simulators popping up here and there across Utah Valley.  Great care must be used when writing time travel missions.  If not done thoughtfully, a knowledgeable crew will easily find plot holes and POP, there goes your mission.  I found this infographic that might help.  Be sure to use one of the theories as the foundation of your mission.             

Space and Science News
History is full of examples of human ingenuity run amok. Weapons design is no exception.
A group of Quora users sought to answer the question "What are some historical weapons that most people have never heard of?" The answers provide an amazing insight into the history of war, and offer examples of some of the most ingenious — yet impractical — weaponry ever created. Read more at Business Insider

NEO Alert!

Mark Daymont is The Troubadour's space authority.  He keeps his eyes to the sky and his ears open for the latest space tidbit.  Mark sent this NEO Alert...

Recently discovered asteroid 2014 HQ124 is scheduled to pass by the Earth on Sunday, June 8 at a distance of about three times the 720,000 miles (three times the Earth-Moon distance). It wasn't on a lot of people's calendars, since it was only recently spotted on April 23!
Nicknamed "The Beast," the asteroid is about 1,100 feet wide and would pose a significant damage danger IF, indeed, it were to enter our atmosphere. In comparison, the Chelyabinsk asteroid, which exploded over Russia and yet caused city-wide damage and some injuries, was only 20 meters wide!
You can learn more about this event on Space.Com:
and JPL Asteroid watch:

The Imaginarium

Only in America

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