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Friday, June 6, 2014

CMSEC's Galileo Simulator's New Mission "Nightfall". The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!
     We're in the mission test run season at the two space edventure centers (CMSEC and DSC).  Today the CMSEC ran a crew of Farpoint cadets on the Galileo's new mission Nightfall.

     Sky had the front left job.  His friend manned the front right job.  Can you tell I don't know the Galileo flight stations?  
     The front half of the Galileo is illuminated by blue lights.  I never was a fan of the blue lights but that is how the ship was built and delivered several years ago.  I think the blue fluorescence bulbs be changed once they need replacing.    

     Another cadet is learning the fine art of touch screen manipulation at the Galileo's sensor station.  I remembered that station's name thanks to the obvious clue on the screen. 

     The Galileo engineer is responsible for plugging things in, then unplugging them when whatever reason the cord was plugged in was solved.  I know it's complicated, but he seems to understand. The Galileo engineer works in a blue free zone.  He also gets two bunks to choose from for those long distance flights across the galaxy.  

     Erin was today's Galileo flight director.  She is one of the authors of Nightfall, along with Nathan Y.  Her smile seems forced.  I chalk it up to nerves.  The CMSEC director was snooping around.  I think Megan was on hand because she approved Nightfall and wanted to see it told right. Another reason for her hovering presence could be her unquenchable thirst to be on The Troubadour! Remember, you're nobody unless you've been featured on The Troubadour.

     Erin and her brave Galileo crew just before blasting off on a mission of daring adventure. 
Word is they haven't made it back to Starbase as of the posting of this post.  The Odyssey and Phoenix will be dispatched to look for them if they aren't back to base by 1800 hours GMT.  I'm not concerned.  Sky is known for never being late for supper.  

The Imaginarium

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