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Saturday, June 28, 2014

This Week in Science. The Gazillion Bubble Show. The Imaginarium

Science Summary of The Week from Sci-Tech

➤ Antibiotic-resistant bacteria:
➤ Tooth decay treatment:
➤ Bionic pancreas:
➤ Space Mars mission:
➤ Horned dinosaur:
➤ Pluto's underground ocean:
➤ Time travel simulation:
➤ Baldness treatment:

How to Look Back in Time

From Sci-Tech

If people on a planet 65 million light years away looked at Earth, they will see the Dinosaurs.

So, what if they decided to travel to Earth? – With the right speed such as the speed of light, they will fast forward history. As they get closer to Earth, everything stars to change. Suppose they have a super powerful camera with great magnification and high resolution imaging, by pointing it out to the Earth while traveling to us, they could record a time lapse of the entire history on our planet. From the extinction of Dinosaurs and the evolution of new species, to the plate tectonic changes and the formation of new continents to the wars that consumed our planet.

The reason behind this is that light records history. The light emitted from Earth 65 million years ago while Dinosaurs were still in existence would have finally reached that alien planet as it continues to travel with an approximate speed of 299,792,458 m/s. In other words, if they want to see today’s events on Earth which we are experiencing right at the moment, they will have to wait 65 million years from now.

Same goes to us here on Earth. When you look at the night sky and you see bright stars, some of these stars you see actually do not exist. The light emitted from them after they exploded millions of years ago still travels to us and that’s what we see, history.

Technologically speaking, they will have to be super intelligent to invent that kind of powerful telescope that can clearly see beyond the boundaries of their cosmic vantage point. Not to mention the importance of faster than light travel, which changes everything…

Saturday's Imaginarium

Ana Yang Gazillion Bubble Show

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