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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prometheus Tackles Round 4 at the Space Center. The LDM Staff at Play. Meet Two of DSC's Interns. The Imaginarium.

Team Prometheus Tackles Round 4 at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center

Nautilus was the first to brave the evils of Round 4 at the CMSEC (  Prometheus was the second.  They took to the Magellan last Thursday and bravely faced certain death against a fleet of Romulan Warbirds and a fuel ship crewed by a group of Romulan witless wonders.  How the Prometheus crew got away alive is still a mystery to reason.  Those of us present have no choice but to credit Captain Thomas and his talented team for pulling off the impossible using talent unusual for younglings their age, and a blessing of Luck from Fortuna herself. 

Michael manned the Sensors station.  He was determined not to let even one pixel get by his eagle eye.

Lizzy was the first officer.  To her left was Nathaniel at Operations.  Notice how both stare attentively at their screens.  They were not going to let Michael out impress them.

James artfully manned Tactical.  Andrew skillfully played the Engineering Station very well.  

Who else by Marissa was capable of mastering the nuances of Counterintelligence?

Mason was trusted with Damage Control. 
His most famous line of the evening, "I'm NOT switching again!" spoken either bravely or foolishly to the Captain.  Who'd a thought he had it in him?  

Quiet, innocent, Mason - the poster child of Chivalry, taking himself to the brink of insurrection and mutiny - then pulling back from the edge at just the right time.  

Ah, the force is strong with this one.

Hunter coddled and babied his phaser to the point of ad nauseam.  I think at one point I heard him talking to it.  "Come on, lets take a walk and go find ourselves a few bad Romulans."    

James popped his head up from behind the Tactical Station from time to time.  I think being stunned while commanding the team for Round 3 left a scar on his confidence.  If I'm not mistaken (and I usually am),  I believe James spent most of Round 4 stooped down behind his desk and out of the line of fire from the boarding hallway.     

Captain Thomas braced for command. He did a fine job as Captain and took a liking to the uniform for sure.  "Command is easy when you have an awesome crew," he might have answered had I asked.

The LDM Staff and Prometheus Coaches Role Play for the Prometheus Team

Thursday night saw another first for the Long Duration Mission Program.  The LDM Staff and Prometheus coaches performed a one act play called The Ideal Bridge Crew for the Prometheus Squad after their LDM.  While the crew watched, the staff struggled their way through the lesson. 

Just between you and me (and I say this on The Troubadour because I'm not sure how many of them read every post), the Prometheus Squad did a better job running the Magellan than the staff :)
Don't tell them I said that.  Creative people's feelings are easily hurt.  

Mr. W. 
Meet the Interns at Discovery Space Center 

The Discovery Space Center moved from Stone Gate Center for the Arts to Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove.  Their new facility houses two simulators, the UCS Everest and UCS Pathfinder.  

It takes good talented people to run simulators, and the DSC has just that in the good people who staff and intern their missions.  I'd like to introduce you to two of the DSC's top interns.

Cambry (left) and Emma (right) intern at the DSC.  Cambry has interned for the past seventeen months.  Emma has been an interning fixture for eighteen months.  They are both junior high students and want to become flight directors one day.  They both mentioned how fun it was to be an intern and how it was like being a part of one big happy family. 

They also spoke highly of Jorden and what a good trainer he was.  Jorden thanked them and suggested a quick team building activity out on the lawn while they waited for their next mission.

It looked like a different form of the old game Twister.  

There is no doubt that interns play a major role at the DSC.  Be sure to thank them for their volunteering service the next time you go there for a mission.

The Imaginarium

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