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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The New Voyager's Walls Take Shape. The Phoenix Squad Finishes the Third Round of the LDM. The Imaginarium.

The New Voyager's Walls Go Up

The New Starship Voyager's walls started to take shape in Friday's construction at Renaissance Academy.

The hallway leading to the bridge.  Go to the end and turn left.

Walk down the hall and step onto the Voyager's Bridge.

The Voyager Bridge will have three levels.  The lower level is mapped out with the Capt's station identified.

I'm standing on the lower level looking toward the mid-level and top level in the back.

This is the doorway leading to the Brig, Sick Bay, and Engineering.

There will be a ramp here leading down from the Bridge's mid-level.  Go to the bottom of the ramp and turn left.

The Brig is seen on your left with the first set of bunks visible.

Walk past the Brig, and turn left.

The hallway curves to the right.

The Voyager's storage area is seen on the left.

The doorways to the Sick Bay and Engineering are seen on the right.

The first electrical box has been installed in the Voyager's Control Room.

Construction is moving rapidly.  Keep watching The Troubadour for updates.

Mr. W.

The Phoenix Squad:  Ryan, Aaron, Adriana, Zeddy, Carter, Affan, Scott, Dylan.  At the top, Coach Jay and Jeffrey.
Phoenix Squad Survives Round 3 of the Long Duration Mission 
The third round of the Farpoint Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission (LDM) finished last Saturday with the Phoenix Squad's mission. They were the last squad of five to tackle this mission installment. Nobody said it would be easy.  I'm happy to report that Carter led his team to victory.

This is Dylan.  Dylan was so fast at his job his hand movements created a breeze across the Magellan's Bridge.  My glasses were nearly blown off just getting this close to him for the picture.

Captain Carter was cool, calm and collected (until the mission started).

Jeffrey is the oldest on the team and known for his cool hats. He managed communications.

Aaron had the dubious honor of manning the Damage Control Station.

Zeddy enjoyed being the Chief of Security.  Just look at that satisfied expression.

Ryan and Affan during mission training.  This is the quietest I've seen them in months!

Coach Jay watches his team from the upper bridge.  It's all he can do to keep quiet during portions of the mission.

Zeddy is seen without his phaser in hand. He's trying to convince Ryan and Affan to pull him over the desk to safety if the ship is boarded.

 Capt. Carter stares with unbelief at the number of intruders who just boarded his ship.  Zeddy is explaining that he hasn't a clue where they came from.

Adriana and Affan share a joke during a Red Alert battle seen.  It's a very relaxed crew.  It takes more than Romulan torpedos and disrupters to shake their steel cool.

Capt. Carter spent most of the mission studying the battle screen.  That is until he was stunned by a Romulan intruder.  Zeddy had been safely pulled over his desk to safety by his buddies Ryan and Affan, so he wasn't of much help.

The official crew photo at the end of the round.

What the Phoenix Squad didn't know was that one of their buddies from Renaissance Academy's last year's sixth grade class was flying a five hour mission in the Odyssey across the hall at the same time they were finishing their LDM.  Jackson was there with his soccer team celebrating his 13th birthday.


The Imaginarium

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