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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The New USS Voyager Gets Drywall. Team Phoenix Completes Round 4. The Imaginarium

The Voyager Gets Drywall

I have new pictures of the USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy, Lehi to share.  Before I do, let me say it's weird saying the USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy in Lehi and not the USS Voyager at Central School in Pleasant Grove.  That being said, how about an update on construction?

The Phoenix Team's Round 4 LDM

That's right, what you see above is the partly seasoned Phoenix Squadron.  They are masters of fun and Masters of Disaster.  Team Phoenix is a United Nations of personalities blended into one team. 
The other teams learned to take them seriously when they took Top Team for Round 2.  Round 3 didn't go so well, so they vowed to Strike Back on Round 4, and strike back they did last Saturday.  

 The mission started with an "Emily Briefing".  Careful not to use that phrase in conversation, I believe Emily is wanting to protect it by copyright. 

The team sat in rapt attention at Emily's every word.

As was said in previous Round 4 posts, this particular Round is full of very close calls.  These close calls inspired me to give these posts a theme - CLOSE UPS. 

They were startled when the iPad got so close, which explains a few of the reactions.  Someone asked me why I didn't use the zoom feature.  "Not as fun," was my response.

Scott, Carter, Ryan, and Jonah crowd around the probe station.

Jeffrey was the captain for Round 4.  He seemed to be fixated on this particular screen. 

The brains behind this year's LDM huddle for a pre-flight strategy session.

 The team on the bridge with coach Jay.  

The Imaginarium

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