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Saturday, May 16, 2015

See The Latest Pictures of the New USS Voyager. The Nautilus Squad Starts the LDM's Round Four Missions. Meet the Newest Voyager. The Imaginarium.

The USS Voyager Takes Shape at the Renaissance Shipyards

Hello Space Center Fans!
The new USS Voyager is taking shape at the Renaissance Shipyards.  The walls are going up, sheetrock is being attached and the electricals are being installed.  Of course I've taken a plethora of photos to share with you.    

This is either the Voyager's Control Room or a Borg recharging - regenerative station.   Let's go with the new Voyager Control Room.  It is a safer bet.    

We've made sure there is plenty of electricity. I've learned over the years that you can NEVER have too much electricity when you operate a Space EdVentures starship simulator.  

If, after you've plugged everything in the simulator requires, you find you have an extra plug - use it for a snow cone, or better yet, a cotton candy machine.  Life in the Voyager Control Room will never be dull and boring.  

 Brent Anderson shows a friend the ceiling lighting cloud for the back Bridge area.    


Notice the back bridge of the Voyager has two raised platforms with 'space' beneath each for other activities as directed by the flight director.

I'm looking from the back bridge to the front bridge of the Voyager.  The place for the large screen tactical screen has been framed into the wall.  

The front bridge's ceiling cloud.  The Voyager will have a three tiered ceiling.  Each tier will have its own lighting strip, on its own circuit.   

The entrance ramp to the bridge.  Following the ramp down, turn right, then turn left and you'll enter the Room of Requirement and finally the Briefing Room.

I'm standing in the Briefing Room looking through the Room of Requirement and into the bridge area.

Brent is standing in the Voyager's Brig entrance.

The Brig entrance is framed for recessed lighting.  You'll also notice bunks for four crewmembers.  The Brig can either be a Brig, or an Infirmary quarantine room.

 Brent, Alex Anderson, and Alex DeBirk test different LED lights on the Bridge.

The lights do all colors including ultraviolet.  Yes, we will be able to flood the entire bridge and hallways with black light.  

The Voyager Imagineers hard at work.

The Imagineering Team photographed in my classroom working and reworking plans for multiple simulator needs.  

"Is it fun designing a starship?" you ask.  You bet it is, but boy is it time consuming.  

The new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy, Lehi will be the finest educational starship simulator in the world.  Who wouldn't want to go to a school with such vision?  Come join us next school year where you can be the best you can be!


The Nautilus Squadron Starts the Fourth Round of Missions in the Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission Program (

The Nautilus Squadron did what it always does, start another round of missions in this school year's Long Duration Mission Program for our Farpoint Voyager Club.  

This Round is known for several close calls, so what better way to illustrate the danger of Round Four than to present SEVERAL CLOSE CALLS  :)

 The Nautilus Squadron did a fantastic job starting this round of missions.  Round Four will take our five squadrons to the halfway point in this year's program.  Congratulations Nautilus for living through tough times and still smiling at the end.

Mr. W.    

Meet the Newest Member of the Farpoint Voyager Club

Jacob working in the Phoenix

Voyager Club Members, let me introduce you to the newest member of our space, sci-fi, and science club.  Jacob goes to AF Junior High and really enjoys the Space Center.  Jacob is a member of the Prometheus Squadron's Support Team. 

Welcome to the Voyagers Jacob!

The Imaginarium

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