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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The New Voyager's Medical Scanner Imagineered. Meet the DSC's Interns. The Imaginarium.

Farpoint Voyager Club's Engineering Department Design Med Scanner

My Saturday started with a Long Duration Mission at 7:45 A.M.  The Scorpio Squad attacked Round 4 with a vengeance.  I'll post on their mission tomorrow. 

Item number two on my agenda was a meeting with the Space EdVentures Foundation at Renaissance to review the Voyager construction and discuss the merger of our foundation with the Space Education Center Foundation.   The Farpoint Voyager Club's Engineering Department met at the same time to design the Voyager infirmary's medical diagnostic scanner.   

They did a demonstration for us.  Scott played a Voyager officer struck with an Appasian Dermitius with accompanying swollen tongue.  Something common on long space voyages involving wormhole travel.  You see him sprawled out beneath the scanner.  The real diagnostic bed would move back and forth beneath the scanner.  The scanner will be fitted out with buttons and switches and a computational device primed to deliver the correct diagnosis.  

Matt Long and his team of future Space Guard engineers did a great job of imagineering, except for one important thing - something I had to suggest be added to the device (obviously because my imagination is vastly superior to theirs after having flown the Voyager for 23 years). 
"You forgot something," I said arrogantly.  
"What did we forget," Carter asked.
"You forgot the M & M dispenser.  The scanner does its scan, announces your ailment, and dispenses the appropriate dose of M & M's.  I mean - it's obvious, Isn't it?"  Everyone in the room agreed. Traditions must be upheld.  What is a Voyager Sick Bay without ample supplies of M & M's?   

Great Job Voyager Club Engineering Cadets.  Now get to work and build the real thing!

Meet The Interns at Discovery Space Center

This is Landon and Claire.  They are two of the many high school interns at Discovery Space Center.
Landon is a student at American Fork Junior High.  He's been an intern for two months.  He likes the acting opportunities interning at the DSC provides.  

Claire goes to Lehi High School.  She was a Space Center volunteer for two years before becoming a DSC intern in December.  She likes the close friendship the interns enjoy with each other.  Interning gives her a chance to be super creative.  She also enjoys working with the customers. 

I took the picture right after they finished an acting scene for a Pathfinder Simulator away team experience.   

I watched them on the surveillance system.  They did a fantastic job with the scene.  The middle screen shows the Pathfinder crew ready to free Claire from the clutches of two evil mercenaries played by Landon and Emma.  

My stop at the DSC was rewarded with a gift of sugar cookies compliments of Nathan King, Flight Director Extraordinaire.  Thanks Nathan.

My last stop of the day was the CMSEC at Central School.  Several of our Voyager Cadets were in costume ready to annoy the Magellan crew with their left wing Greenpeace militancy.  I'm not exaggerating when I say the best young people in Utah County volunteer at the county's two Space Centers.    

The Imaginarium

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