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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The New USS Voyager's Floors and Ramps are Installed. The Imaginarium.

The Voyager's Floors and Ramps Take Shape

Hello Space Fans!
Today the new USS Voyager's floors and ramps went in.  Things are moving along nicely.  Hope you're as excited about the new Voyager as we are.

Mr. W.   

The hallway ramp leading to the Bridge.

The Voyager's Bridge looking from the main viewer toward the back of the Bridge.

hummmmm, I wonder what evil design calls for secret crawl places??

Leaving the Bridge on the left toward the Brig.

Down another ramp and a left turn...

The Sick Bay and Engineering Rooms.

Brent and Alex Anderson discuss lighting with the builders in the Voyager's future Briefing Room.

The new hallway is in joining the Bridge area to the Room of Requirement and Briefing Room

The Imaginarium

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