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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Round 6 Report. Nautilus Squadron Survives to Fight Another Day. The Imaginarium.

Nautilus Squadron Survives Round 6

What do you notice in the photo above?  Yes, it's the Nautilus Squadron. Yes, it is an interesting smorgasboard representing some of Utah County's finest students, and yes they are really fun to fly.
Did you notice their numbers?  There's seven (in case you struggle past five).  They ended their round with seven. They started the round with five!  

Think of the challenge of flying the Magellan on a Level 3 LDM with five?!  If any team could pull it off, it would be Nautilus. 

It wasn't a skeleton crew by choice. Several of cadets couldn't make the mission, so those that could soldiered up and did the job.  

Congratulations Nautilus for surviving Round 6 nearly unscathed...... nearly.....  

There is meaning behind the sign Marissa holds.  I wish I could do a show and tell, but it wouldn't be fair to give away the squadron's tactics.  You'll just have to guess.

I will say this in closing, they were sufficiently armed by the time the mission ended :)

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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