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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Former Space Center Programmer and Project Voyager IT Chief Weds. Scorpio Squadron Starts the LDM Round 6. The Imaginarium.

Brent Anderson Weds!

Brent Anderson married his sweetheart Michelle Curtain yesterday. Brent is on the Space Education Center Foundation's Board and former Programming Guild Master at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. He and his brother Alex are the designers, programmers, and installers of the new USS Voyager's technology (computers, lights, sound, cameras etc).  

"Kyle Herring was my inspiration," Brent confessed when I spoke to him at the wedding reception held at Michelle's home in Highland. "When I saw him get married, I knew there was hope for me!"  

Brent works at BlenderBottle at Thanksgiving Point.  He recently finished his B.S. and Masters degrees in network security (I hope I got that right) at BYU.

Alex Anderson with sister Natalie. Official mixers at the reception.
I asked Alex and Natalie to pose on the beautiful spiral stairs. They climbed up and down the stairs to prove they could be navigated safely!  I'm sure they were purposefully installed just for the reception in tribute to the old USS Voyager.  

Mr. Williamson

Scorpio Squadron Starts Round 6 in the Long Duration Mission

Scorpio Squad was the first out of the gate for the Long Duration Mission's Round 6.  The mission had its share of ups and downs. I'd like to give a detailed breakdown of the mission, but sadly can't. All five squadrons are in trouble deep in Romulan space; each in their own way. If I share Scorpio's dilemma, and how they are working their way through it, other squads could use those ideas to help improve their situations. Scorpio would be at a disadvantage - being the first out of the gate for this round.  Let's just say the jury's out on whether the squad will be viable for the final two rounds.

Scorpio used their alien psychic powers on their Romulan captors as illustrated in the photo above. It was then they discovered Romulans were immune to their childish mind control tricks.  Point to the Romulans.

It didn't stop them from trying to control the ship's computers telepathically.  That didn't work either.

The captain tired well know feminine mind control on an impatient Romulan commander. When that didn't work, she tried flattery. The Romulans were not cooperative.

Something happened in the hall and in the gym.  That's all I can say on the matter.  It is safe to say that Scorpio is still in the game and very much a contender for Top Team.


The Imaginarium

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