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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nathan Young Leaves for LDS Mission. The Imaginarium.

Nathan Young's Last Mission

Hello Space Fans!
Nathan Young is leaving for an LDM mission to Panama on Wednesday. Saturday was his last day at the Space Center. His last mission was on the Odyssey. I was there to record the event.

 Nathan saying goodbye to his last crew. 

Nathan has been a volunteer and staff member of the Space Center since 2010.  He was given his 5 year service pin at a recent Honor's Night. 

His last staff gathered for a picture on the Odyssey's bridge. 

Erin baked him a cake. Strangely enough, the cake met its demise in the Odyssey a few hours before. 
It was 'dislodged' from a desk, and ended up on a keyboard and floor.  Nathan holds what is left of his farewell cake. Regardless of its appearance, Nathan appreciated the thought :)

Nathan is sworn to return to the Space Center in two years.  He will be missed by the staff, volunteers, and all those who had the pleasure of working with him.

Have a Good Mission Nathan!

The ending of Nathan's last mission caught on video...

The Imaginarium

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