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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Paul Delivers a NuSkin Donation. New Pictures of the USS Voyager. The Imaginarium.

Space Center Veteran Paul Bauman Delivers NuSkin Donation

I got an email from one of our veteran Space Center volunteers last week.  Paul Bauman worked in all five starships at the CMSEC a few years ago. He left the Space Center, served an LDS mission, returned home, married his sweetheart Stephanie (a fifth grade teacher at Sharon Elementary - gotta love our teachers), and currently works at NuSkin in human relations.  Paul's email had good news. He persuaded the corporate powers that be to donate to our Project Voyager at Renaissance.  On Saturday he and Stephanie stopped by to tour the Voyager and deliver a $500 check. 

Thank you NuSkin and thank you Paul for helping us bring the magic of the Voyager back for the next generation of space adventurers!
I've got a list of things we need for the Voyager. NuSkin's donation will take several items off that list.

Does your company match tax exempt donations? Does your company donate to organizations you're involved with?  If so, please consider helping us with Project Voyager. Visit our donations page to see how you can help.   

Mr. Williamson 

New Pictures from the USS Voyager

Every week brings us closer to launching the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy, a public K-9 charter school in Lehi, Utah.  Alex and Brent Anderson are regular fixtures at Renaissance. I'm naming them the Starship Voyager's first two permanent crewmembers as recognition for the outstanding, all volunteer work they've done in building the simulator. They are onboard nearly every day after school wiring the Voyager's innards so the ship will have lights, sound, brig and sick bay force fields, cameras, and smoke - for when the need arises. Remember, this is done after they finish long working days at Blender Bottle.

The front bridge of the USS Voyager.  

Brent installing the Voyager's back bridge lighting.

Alex changed the tiered bridge ceiling's lighting for me.

Alex was installing the Voyager's lower bridge platform lights.

A cool picture showing Brent on the back bridge and the ramped hallway (left) leading to the bridge from the transporter.

Red Alert!

And back to normal.  That strange fellow at the front is the Great Fish himself, David Kyle Herring. 
Kyle supervised and did much of the building of the Space Center's Galileo, Magellan, and Phoenix simulators.  

If you're between the ages of 10 and 17 and like space, science, programming, and technology all mixed with a health dose of science fiction visit Project Voyager's website and become a cadet.  Now is the time. New cadet squadrons will be forming in October for this school year's Long Duration Missions.  

Mr. Williamson 

The Imaginarium

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