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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Phoenix Squadron Tackles the LDM Round 6. The 3D Enterprise Project.

Phoenix Squadron. They found the Romulan weapons stash.
Project Voyager's Phoenix Squadron Competes the LDM Round Six

     Phoenix Squadron showed up for Round 6 in force Saturday morning. Team Captain Zeddy welcomed his returning warriors with words of encouragement for the squad's seemingly hopeless situation.
     "We're are all veterans. No other squad has our experience. If we can't figure a way out of this then no one can.  LET'S DO THIS!"  And with that, the team left the conference room in high spirits. Fate and Destiny waited for them on the Magellan Bridge.  The team trained at their stations, listened to Coach Jay's final instructions, and signaled their readiness.
     "Emily, we're ready," Round 6 Captain Jeffrey said to the walls.  Emily, Connor, Jacqueline, and Brittney jumped into action from the control room.  The simulator's bridge lights darkened then switched to red. Foreboding music carried the team into their continued mission. 

     I watched them from my station on the bridge. They worked well together. The stations were manned even in crisis. They held together even in the toughest situations.  The Phoenix Squadron did themselves proud.      

Squad Captain Zeddy and the Evil Romulan Prison Commander exchange words

This is Awesome. The Starship Enterprise 3D Project

Take a short walk through a few decks of Star Trek's USS Enterprise from ST: The Next Generation. The ship is being created in the Unreal Engine, and is Oculus Rift ready!

Project Website:

Some other things:
The lounge on deck two is Two forward, not Ten Forward. It has downward sloping windows. 

I apologize for any cheesy dialogue. I am not a writer!

The Starboard Sharks decal is from Earl Grey, a podcast:

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