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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Phoenix and Galileo Simulators Have New Set Directors. Space News. Imaginarium.

Erin Williams Named Galileo Set Director

The Space Center is happy to announce the appointment of Erin Williams as Set Director of the Galileo Simulator.  Erin takes this position from Nathan Winters who recently left Utah for an LDS mission in Panama.

Jordan Smith Named Phoenix Set Director

The Space Center is happy to announce the appointment of Jordan Smith as Set Director of the Phoenix Simulator.  Jordan takes this position from Miranda Rendell who recently left the Space Center to pursue her education.

Both Erin and Jordan are long time Space Center volunteers and employees.  They both started during my tenure as center director. Erin was trained by none other than her most reverend Stacy Carroll. Stacy was responsible for training many of the Space Center's talented flight directors. Jordan was trained by Miranda, Dave, and Megan Warner.

Both ships have their unique challenges, hiccups, and wild mood swings highlighted by temper tantrums.  Erin and Jordan have the temperament, patience, and talent to deal with them as they arise. In fact, they are so good at their jobs, visiting crews never know whether the ship they're in is having issues. The missions seem perfectly fine, yet on the outside, panic is the lead item on the day's menu!

Congratulations Erin and Jordan. You're both true assets to the Center.

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Mr. Williamson

 Space News

And Now There Are Nine

By Mark Daymont

Welcome aboard the ISS: (Front, L-R) Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Ambetov, Soyuz commander cosmonaut Sergei Volkov, and Danish astronaut (ESA) Andreas Mogensen.

Early this morning, at 3:39 a.m. Eastern time, Soyuz craft TMA-18M (Also designated Soyuz 44) docked with the International Space Station at the Russian Poisk module. After equalizing the atmospheres, the hatch was opened about three hours later and the crew entered the ISS.  Also aboard the craft are more radiation dose meters which monitor the amount of radiation astronauts are exposed to while in Earth orbit, and a special skinsuit designed to help with back pain as an atronaut's spine lengthens in the zero gravity.

Pictured from the ISS, Soyuz TMA-18M approaches docking.
Because the station has two members that are staying for an entire year, the crew of this Soyuz is not staying very long. Expedition 44 commander Padalka will leave for Earth on September 11 with Ambetov and Mogensen. They will return to Earth using Soyuz TMA-16M. Newly arrived cosmonaut Volkov will remain aboard the station for another six months, and will return with the year-long residents Kelly and Kornienko on the just-docked TMA-18M, next year in March. Expedition 44 members Lindgren, Konenenko, and Yui will stay in the station until December 2015, and they will return in TMA-17M.

The current parking situation on ISS.

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